360 Demo Thursdays

Unfortunately, there won’t be a “360 Demo Thursday” this week. I downloaded the multi-player demo of Splinter Cell: Double Agent and I had a chance to try it out was last night, but Xbox Live was going through some growing pains, so I never got into a game. I was going to try again tonight but got caught up watching the NLCS and now it’s too late to start a new game. So this week’s demo Thursday has been canceled. It will return next week.

For impressions of the Splinter Cell demo, you can read Gabe’s impressions. He’s a fan of the series, you could say.


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    I just
    can’t belive it….
    On monday I discoverd the wonder called Xbox live, I am now hooked, and cannot stop playing. I already joined a clan, and made freinds with a AWSOME levle 30 some player (I’m playing halo 2 BTW) and we just run around kicking ass. I was very pissed when the shut down live on tuseday, and then wensday night it got ****ed up again, I logged off, rememberd I forgot to send this guy a message, and it wouldn’ let me get back on. At one point I had all 3 consle splinter cells, then I sold them to get a DS, I figured I’d sell my DS to get a wii, but I can’t live Xbox Live, I’m only on a 2 month free trail );

    Anyway… I’m thinking of getting a 360 instead of wii….. PLEASE!! BEHEAD ME!!!! DO NOT LET THIS HERACY SPILL FROM MY MOUTH LIKE MAGGOTS FROM A CORPSE!!!
    (okay, that was a little wierd… I think I need sleep.)

  2. I watched the NLCS as well and God said it was good.

    I bleed Cardinal red.

  3. FS – don’t do it! Don’t pass on the Wii for a 360. There’s just not enough good games right now. The Wii will not let you down.

    ag – I remember you mentioning your allegiance to the Cardinals. Since I’m an Indians fan and the Tigers are in our division, I probably should root for them, but I don’t like Kenny Rogers (and his poop hand) and I really like Scott Rolen, so I’ll be rooting for the Cardinals!

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