Halo 3 News

This isn’t coming from Bungie, so no way of knowing how accurate it will end up being, but I know a lot of you are Halo 3 fans but might not have seen this.

A lot of new features it looks like, but nothing super suprising. I’m sad to see there’s no bots, but honestly who needs them? Everyone who owns a 360 will have this game, so finding other people to play with shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, playing with bots is probably more enjoyable than playing with 99% of the people on Live, so there’s that.

My only request – bring back Hang ‘Em High!


  1. Okay, I’m trying not to include explatives in this comment, so bear with me

    G** D*** F*****
    A** F****** S** O* A B****
    C*** S****** A*** F******

    WHEW! okay, okay, okay.

    I WANT HALO 3!!!!
    M***** F****** C***B****

    *tries to calm breathing*


    okay, so my optoins are

    1) Wait 3 years untill I can buy a 360 for $100 and halo 3 for $30
    2) Steal a 360 and halo 3
    3) Rob a bank
    4) Kill myself

    none of those look very promising…

    G*** D*****!!!!!!’

    Awwww S****
    I think I’ll have to go with number 4

  2. *sigh* sorry about that, I’m better now, I watched a few Wii videos, I think Wii will be better, I was just in the moment of “Z0MG!!! HALO 3!!!”

    BTW, you wouldent happen to have halo 2 would you? if you do, I’d love to play you sometime on XBL

  3. FS – I’ve got Halo 2 but I can’t play on Live right now. I keep hitting a problem when I try to download the multiplayer maps. If I ever get it worked out, I’ll drop you a line.

  4. dude. all of the stuff came directly from bungie. directly from bungie to the media to paper. all of this stuff is from when bungie let the press come and play halo 3 at the bungie studios…this stuff and about 4 times more stuff will be in the new EGM coming out.

  5. shipxwrecked – Yeah, it lloks like that new issue of EGM is gonna be pretty sweet. Thanks for the head’s up.

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