In my hands…

B000035XQ6-01-_AA280_SCLZZZZZZZ_V59349705_.jpgAfter reading some mostly positive reviews I was intrigued by Contact. Then I started hearing some serious buzz on a couple video game forums and decided I’d give it a try.

As always, impressions to follow…


  1. I’m having a blast with it! It’s silly and simple and I’ve already run into a literary reference that sent me over the moon.

  2. Hey, let’s take a trip to Wifisland some evening this week!

  3. Corvus – this is horrible, but I had no idea this was WiFi (even though there’s a huge blue WiFi logo on the case). I’ll drop you an IM when I get a chance (this week is gonna be busy [Halloween, sister’s wedding]).

    Sounds like fun.

  4. ThatFuzzyBastard says

    So—how is it? I heard it’s cleverly-written, but the combat is terrible—what’s your impression?


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