Gamemaster: Will Wright

An excellent (and long) article about Will Wright at the New Yorker.

I’ve played a lot of games. A lot. But I think Sim City and Sim City 2000 consumed more of my gaming time than any other game I’ve played. I’ve avoided picking up any of the other Sim City games out of fear for my sanity. Spore looks like it could be another soul-destroyer. I’m finding it hard to resist.


  1. I always wanted to have a multiplayer SimCity, where the cities around you are other players, and you don’t go to war with them via troops, but instead compete with them for residents, attract businesses, etc. I always thought that would be a great idea. The server could have rules that in any grid of 9 cities there could be limits like only 1 military base, etc. Of course, the city next to you would only share 3 of the cities you compete with, he’d be competeing with 6 other cities. People and business might gravitate to cities with some combination of lowest taxes, most jobs, or most customers, or least competition, etc.

    I’ve spent so much time on sim city, but unlike WoW have never felt like it was a waste.

  2. I never liked simcity… I liked SimTower though…
    Probably I spent the most time on….hhmmm…I gotta say Harvest mmon 3 for GBC. I played it untill the interneal battery ran dry.

  3. yunk – yeah, I’d love to see something multi-player with SimCity. Would probably be hard to do, but there’s definitely some possibilities.

    FS – SC definitely isn’t for everyone.

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