Back on track.

I’m back from spending a nice weekend at my parent’s house, mostly unplugged. I didn’t touch my feeds or emails all weekend long. It was great. My sister’s wedding was nice, too. Spending time with family is always good.

Now that things are starting to ramp up, video game wise, I’m getting ready for things to get busy around the game-o-sphere, and here at in particular.

I’ve got some impressions for Contact, Ouendan, and other games I started talking about but never followed up with.

Then a look at the upcoming avalanche of games and systems. That whipering sound you hear is my wallet, in the corner, balled up in the fetal position and quietly sobbing.

I’m also still working on a review of a bunch of video game-related podcasts. Hopefully that will be done soon, as the Wii/PS3 release will probably dominate things for foreseeable future.

The next two months look extremely exciting.


    Now I just have to figure out how long I can wait at walmart… I think 5 hrs should be long enough, 5 hours before midnight should be good right? I mean, I live in a TINY town in Ohio, it’s got like 17,000 people in it, plus walmart didn’t give out preorders, so that gives me a small chance

  2. FS – good for you, you get that Wii! I have no idea how long you’d have to wait at Walmart. Hopefully you won’t have to wait at all, since the supply should be pretty plentiful.

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