Wii is hitting the game-o-sphere

Wii LogoAnd it’s exploding! These guys got their hands on Wii’s, pre-launch. Lucky!

Here are some links for your reading pleasure.

Seth at The Gamechair got his Wii and put it through its paces. He mentions playing the bowling game in Wii Sports with his wife. It got me thinking about Mrs. Buttonmasher. She really likes bowling but I’m not a fan of actually going to the bowling alley, so this may serve as justification for my purchase of the Wii. Score one for making the missus happy! He also has some impressions of Excite Truck, Wii Sports and Zelda Twilight Princess. His piece about Zelda is an exceptionally good read.

Joystiq got their Wii and live blogged the whole experience. Looked like a lot of fun, I can’t wait to have mine in-hand. Everyone has mentioned the “Fitness” games on the Wii Sports They also looked at the manual in between Zelda play sessions. Speaking of Zelda, they also posted a point/counter-point discussing whether the new Zelda has “fallen flat” or not. Vladimir Cole says it did by basically bashing the fact that you can’t read signs from afar. Hardly a reason to say it falls flat. Christopher Grant provides the counter-point, pointing out that, “Twilight Princess offers the same brilliant core gameplay mechanics that have driven the series for the last twenty years.” Of course it does. Finally, they have a list of ten things you probably didn’t know about the Wii and its games. 5 heart pieces for a whole heart in Zelda?

Brian over at Kotaku unboxes his Wii. It’s like watching a nerd strip-tease. He also has a bunch of good stuff up, including his impressions with the controller, how backwards compatibly with Gamecube games look (a fresh coat of paint, he says). He didn’t seem impressed with Wii Sports. He did, however, have some good things to say about Zelda.

Destructoid (another blog favorite of mine, but renders horribly in Opera 9.1) did us the favor of posting links to all their videos and impressions in one place for your perusal.

I’m sure more Wii experiences will be hitting the blogs and I’ll try update this post as they come in.

As for my Wii plans, I’m still deciding. I currently have an Amazon.com gift certificate balance that would knock a big chunk of the price, so I may place an order with them. I’m on the “email alert list” for when they start taking orders but I haven’t heard anything yet, so I’m still waiting on that. Using Amazon for my Wii needs might delay the arrival of my Wii but I’ll have other diversions to take up my time until then.

Regardless, after reading people’s impressions of their new Nintendo console, I am getting excited about playing on myself. Very excited.

(On a side note, I noticed I’m still using the category “NREV” that I made when the Wii was still being referred to as the “Nintendo Revolution.” Guess it was time to update the category name!)


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