Drinking the podcast Kool-Aid

podcast icon.jpegInitially, when podcasts where starting to gain traction with geeks (almost always early-adopters) I ignored them. Why would I want to dedicate time to concentrate listening to someone prattle on about their opinions? I like to read other people’s opinions (blogs), but actually downloading someone’s “show” and spend free-time listening to it? Didn’t seem like the best use of my time.

Then I decided (months later) to give it a try. I downloaded a few podcasts and started listening. I realized that I could listen to them at work and still concentrate at the task at hand. I’d listen closely when I heard something of interest, then tune it out when I wasn’t interested. I could also listen to them in the car when there wasn’t anything on the radio. Next thing I knew, I had subscribed to dozens of podcasts and decided this would be a good blog discussion (very meta of me, I know).

So over the next week or two I’ll be sprinkling in a handful of podcast-related posts in with the other Buttonmashing.com fare. Feel free to ignore them (as I did) if that’s not your thing, but hopefully I can interest a few of you to start drinking the Kool-Aid.

I eventually plan to review as many podcasts as I can, but I’m finding that to be a daunting task. In the meantime, I also would like to know what, if any, podcasts you guys listen to. I listen to a lot of the popular ones (1UP Yours, Gaming Steve, Major Nelson, the CAGCast) but I also listen to a few that might not be as popular. I’m interested in hearing what you guys listen to, maybe I’ll find a few that I’ve skipped or have slipped under the radar.


  1. Hmm… I know one.


  2. I just posted a list of what I listen to at http://williamandnadia.com/blog/2006/12/05/what-i-watch-and-listen-to/

    Here’s the list:

    * 1UP Yours
    * Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
    * EGM Live* – EGM Magazine’s Weekly Podcast
    * Engadget
    * ExtremeTech.com Podcast
    * this WEEK in TECH
    * What’s New Now
    * Xbox Live’s Major Nelson

    * 1UP.com – 1UP TV
    * AdultSwim.com Video Podcast
    * Attack of the Show Daily Video Podcast
    * Cranky Geeks WMV Video
    * dl.tv in WMV
    * Microsoft 10
    * The Daily Feed Video Podcast
    * The Daily Nut
    * X-Play’s Daily Videogame Podcast – G4 TV

  3. Brent – yup, got that one subscribed!

    Will – I’ve got most of those subscribed, but I’ll have to check a couple of the ones I don’t have. I wish I had a video iPod to watch the video-casts(?) but I watch some of the ones you have listened on the computer. Thanks for the list.

  4. Arogan – I just subscribed to the Next-Gen.biz podcast, I’m looking forward to those. I’ll look into the other ones, as well.

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