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I’m at a point in Ouendan right now that I simply can’t finish, so I think it’s a good time to step away for a little while and get back to some other games. This is what I had been playing, before Ouendan took over my gaming time:

Marvel Ultimate AllianceMarvel Ultimate Alliance – This was a rental for this past weekend. I played the first couple hours exclusively with my brother-in-law. He’s much more versed in the Marvel Universe, so he was much more familiar with the different characters available. I just know that Colossus has always been my favorite X-Men, so I played with him for the majority of the game while the bro-in-law was switching between a lot of the characters. The game is definitely a fun little beat-em-up romp. Not especially deep, but it does have some nice RPG elements. This is one I’d like to get some online co-op time with.

Image1.jpgGears of War – Speaking of online co-op, I’m still trying to get some online co-op in Gears of War. I was all set to do some co-op GoW’ing with Zonk but his 360 met an untimely malfunction and that prevented us from giving it a go. He’s all back up and running, so we’ve tentatively set up a future gaming time so I can finally give the game its final paces. I may also jump into some ranked games to grab some more achievements. Too bad the players found in ranked games are mostly from the dregs of society. You know how it is.

Burnout Revenge – I also picked up Burnout Revenge. I know I’m late to this game, but it’s still a blast. I’m slowly making it through, trying to get “Perfects” on every race. Once I unlock a couple of the faster cars, I’ll be jumping online to see if anyone is actually still playing this game.

And finally, now that I’ve evicted Ouendan from the DS, I’ll be going back to Contact. I was enjoying it before, so hopefully it won’t be a problem jumping back into the action. And as always, I’m still working off my debts to Tom Nook in Animal Crossing. I’ll be jumping on the WiFi to see if I can’t game the turnips market, so if you’re still playing AC:WW, let me know and you can come over and visit my town.

I’ve promised myself I won’t pick up any new titles until I see what Santa brings me, so this is pretty much what I’ll be playing until then. I’ll have to post my wish list soon. What are you guys playing?


  1. I actually fired up Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem last weekend so that I could work on my third play through; I want to unlock Eternal Mode. This is sort of a back burner project for me, but I love the game so much. It was nice to take a break from WOW and it was nice to be able to actually play a game without being interrupted by griefing! With all the WOW I’ve been playing, I’d almost forgotten what that’s like!

    I played some Guild Wars as well, though a glitch in a quest preventing me from completing it. Also: The mobs in Kaineng City (GW Factions) are hard. 🙂

    So, I’m not playing anything that’s been released recently.

  2. FlamingSquirrel says

    *laughs at you*
    *laughs again*

    Guess what…

    So what am I playing?
    Wii sports,
    CoD3 Wii (great controlls, single player = good, no multiplayer = bad, almost no replay value, BTW this is a rent)
    and THDJ (This game (tony hawk downhill jam) sucks, it really does, the whole tilt the controller is cool, a little hard to get used to, but thats not a porblem, since you’ll RASELY have to turn, yeah, all you have to do is mash buttons, really, my first race, on normal, I won the gold medal, I beat the other people by around 15 seconds. so I cranked it up to hard, still got gold on every race, too easy, just hit the 2 button to jump, and mash on the d pad and 1 button to trick, and the 1 button grinds, so really you just have to hit 2 to jump from rail to rail, you can grind the whole way through most levles, really, the game sucks.)

  3. What are you guys playing?

    Oblivion. Duh.

  4. Four games: Twilight Princess and Red Steel on the Wii, as well as Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas on the 360.

    I play Final Fantasy III and Children of Mana off and on also.

  5. I’ve still been playing Gears of War online pretty much every day I can.

    Also, I just picked up a DS and am currently playing Phoenix Wright, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Elite Beat Agents.

    On Burnout Revenge, I actually liked the gameplay in Burnout 3 much better. Burnout Revenge is much less challenging compared to 3.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a great game. I love good Diablo clones, and the X-men Legends series and this are definitely some of my faves.

    Hmm, I’ve also been playing Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday in order to sate my inner hardcore strategy gamer.

  6. Some random blog linkage led me to your, blog…Great site, keep up the good work (I’m not a console gamer, but I still like to keep up with what’s goin’ on).

    I’m an Ohio native myself, so you being a Buck fan helps, too 😉

    My lowly Browns got a win this weekend – Wooot! lol

  7. FlamingSquirrel says

    Well, I’m also a native Ohioan myself, but it seems all off our sports teams suck…
    Thats ok, I’d rather play sports than watch them, either in virtual reality or in real life, it’s just more fun.

  8. That Fuzzy Bastard says

    So when are you going to write about Contact? I just got in myself, and my feelings are: The first couple hours are sloooooooow, and I wish it’d used a little more of that time to explain the interface better (took me a while to figure out that the boot kept appearing because my speed stat is increasing). But unlike the disappointing Okami, the writing is good enough to sustain me through the slowness, and once it picks up, it’s good fun, especially with all the exploration and people-meeting (greatly helped, again, but consistently surprising writing). Plus I don’t mind the combat as much as I’d thought—at least it doesn’t annoy me with meaningless demands that I press “Attack” one more time. Overall, probably pretty innaccessible for a non-gamer (it’s basically a parody of JRPGs, and I’m not sure non-gamers would find it nearly so amusing), but a very good time for those in-the-know enough to appreciate its tweaking of genre conventions.

  9. I finally got my PS3 and started playing some resistance. It’s not a bad game but gears and vegas are better IMO. After a few hours I’m back to Rainbow Six Vegas (x360) which is just a fantastic game. If you enjoy the cover system/gameplay in gears I think you’ll really dig Vegas. It also has an excellent cover/pop up/ blind fire type mechanic except in a more real world setting.

    Finally got my Wii Component cables so I’ve gotta get back to Zelda (about 8 hrs in). Boy do those cables make a nice difference.

    Another Guild Wars player here (over 700hrs). Working on Nightfall playing paragon/warrior which finally hit lvl 20 (which makes my 5th lvl 20 char). I play about 2-3 times a week with some co-workers so we are slowly progressing through the PvE content.

    Anyways, found your site through reading about blog Carnivals and just wanted to say nice blog, keep it up.

  10. Tony, you’re going to hate me for this: Viva Pinata. Good times.

    Oh, and ARogan, shot me a notice somehow. I’ve got 2000 GW hours and I could use a Nightfall tour guide. 😀 I’m about a month behind. I’ve just picked it up. Loving it.

  11. will what’s your take on the DS games you mentioned? I’m thinking about picking one of those up (FFIII or CoM) and I’m not sure which one would be better.

    Finster – I see you playing GoW a lot on Live, I need to shoot you an invite for some GoW co-op.

    RCgamer – glad you found my humble little abode. Hope you stick around.

    Fuzzy – I’ve been meaning to get a post up about Contact. I haven’t played if for a couple of days, so I need to get some more time with it.

    Arogan and ag – Funny you mention GW. I just logged on for the first time in months this weekend. After downloading the 10k files I needed to update, it was actually fun getting back into GW. I haven’t picked up the expansion packs yet, but am very tempted by them. How can you tell how many hours you’ve logged?

    ag – I’ve got Viva on my Christmas list. I hope Santa got it!

  12. /age – show play time stats in GW.
    FYI all guild wars chapters are only $30 at amazon right now.

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