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Light posting week

I’ll be out of town the rest of this week, so there won’t be a lot of posting going on until I return. In the meantime, the Carnival is still on track for tomorrow, so make sure you’ve submitted your entry or get it in ASAP!

Once I get back, I should have spent the better part of a week with a pile of half-played DS games, so I should finally get around to a more in-depth discussion about games like Age of Empires, Contact, Elite Beat Agents and others. I’m even thinking of resurrecting my Animal Crossing town, after the horrible demise my last town met.

So to recap: Make sure you check out the Carnival of Gamers at Jason’s place tomorrow, get some serious gaming in over the weekend and we’ll discuss more next week.

Carnival of Gamers update

I know it’s short notice, but if you’re interested in participating in February’s Carnival of Gamers, get your submissions in right away. It’s less than a week away. If you’ve already submitted, you’re golden, as they’ve been received and forwarded to the Carnival host. If not, send it in!

Jason of has volunteered to host the Carnival on short notice. Big thanks to everyone who agreed, it was nice to see everyone so willing to help out. We’ll be filling out some of the other spots for the future with some new bloggers, which I’m excited about. I’ll be updating the Carnival page soon.

Come and join the Carnival!

Wii-mote controlled robot

Check it out: WiiBot: How to build a sword-wielding, tennis-playing, WiiMote-controlled, friendly robot

My inner-geek jumped for joy as I read this. A couple engineers used a Wii-mote to control a robotic arm to swing a tennis racket and a sword. Very cool. Complete with a video.

(via MAKE: Blog)

Crackdown Demo

I just finished playing the Crackdown Demo, and it is a blast! Crackdown is a cross between Mercenaries and Grand Theft Auto, except that instead of being, you know, human you’re some kind of a bionic cop. You can do things like leap 20 feet in the air, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, a-la The Matrix. You also have superhuman strength, lifting and throwing cars and dumpsters hundreds of feet. You’ve also got a mean roundhouse kick. We’re talking Chuck Norris-level roundhouses. I roundhoused some random car so hard I knocked the guy in the passenger seat clear out of the car, all the way across the street. It was funny as it sounds. I spent most of my time roundhousing everyone and everything in sight.

Visually, I’m in love with how Crackdown looks. It has a cel-shaded, comic book look and feel. Very pleasing, visually. I wasn’t a huge fan of the controls, but I am a huge fan of how big and wide open the game looks to be. I didn’t even complete any of the missions in the demo. I spent the whole time driving around the city, running over bad guys (and civilians), jumping from building to building and roundhousing cars. I was warned on more than one occasion that I was crossing the line of harming too many civilians. I felt like a robot renegade cop. It was quite hilarious.

Crackdown definitley will be going on my short list of games to get next.

Site Updates

We’re currently experiencing some issues here while I try to upgrade to WordPress 2.1. I did something that has broken something, somewhere. I’ve made a bunch of changes to things all at once, which was probably a huge mistake, but I’ll be messing with the site for a bit. It will probably look screwy for a bit, but please bear with us.

Update: Yup, I broke something. I was reactivating my plugins after a successful upgrade to 2.1, then something got borked when I tried to activate, then deactivate the Widgets plug-in. The fit hit the shan and somehow everything got hosed. I rolledback to 2.0.3 and restored my backup (always back up, kids!) but I’m still seeing things I don’t like. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to fix my screw ups. Again, your patience is appreciated!

I’m going back under the hood. Wish me luck.

Update 2: Well, it looks like I’ve managed to at least get almost everything back to normal. The only problem I’m having is that my static pages, like the Carnival HQ page, was not restored from my backup. Not sure if that’s normal or not, but the data for each individual page is still in the database, it’s just sitting there, not populating the pages on the site. It’s not a show-stopper, as I can just copy and paste them into new pages, but it’s still a hassle. I spent a bunch of time writing a whole new “About Me” page right before the update and now it’s gone. Gone, I tell ya! Nevertheless, it’s late, so I’m going to restore the pages and my sidebar modules real fast and then head to bed.

Update 3: Okay, I think I’ve got everything fixed and back to normal. What a pain! Anyway, I actually had some real site updates before I decided to upgrade to WP 2.1, so let me tell you about those.

First off, I joined the site “MyBlogLog” which is hard to explain exactly what it is, but I liked the little sidebar thingy that will show when other members of MyBlogLog visit my site. It also provides some rudimentary site statistics, but nothing fancy. Anyway, if you’re a MyBlogLog member, you already know all this. If you’re not a member, but you have a blog or are just intersted in checking it out, here’s the “community page” for Feel free to join.

I also, finally, updated my “About” page to actually have some content in there. I figured that after two-and-a-half years of running the site I probably should have a real About page. So there it is. Check it out!

More Wii Fitness

I mentioned earlier about a guy using the Wii as a way to lose weight, and there have since been articles popping up everywhere with success stories about people gaming their way to better health. I think we’ll see an increase in attention to this aspect of the Wii for a while, people will work on Wii Workouts (someone already has, which redirects to the blog of the Wii weight-loss guy mentioned in the Reuters article) and then the media will move on to something else.

I figure it will be a fad that will shortly fade away. In the meantime, it will be fun to watch what people will do with the new technology.

Decisions, decisions.

So I’m faced with a TV viewing dilemma: Today is the season premier of Heroes, the surprise hit show for NBC. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Heroes and have looked forward to the new season. Barring a few “huh?” moments (Hiro fighting a T-Rex? Huh?), Heroes is very enjoyable. The problem? It’s scheduled to go right up against 24. I have a long standing relationship with 24, something I don’t want to end yet. Despite my initial reservations for this season, 24 and I have a history together that cannot be ignored. So now I have to decide if I stick with the old stand-by or jump ship and shack up with the new flavor of the month. What should I do? Please note that “TiVo one and watch the other” is not the answer I’m looking for, for two reasons. One, I don’t have a DVR and refuse to record one of these shows on the VCR. It’s HD or nothing, baby! Two, I’m actually trying to cut down on TV viewing, so I’m thinning my watching schedule. Lost is already very close to being cut in favor of playing basketball Wednesday evenings. I just don’t know what to cut between 24 and Heroes. Decisions, decisions.

I guess another option is to watch Heroes on another channel. Doesn’t the Sci-Fi channel usually rebroadcast Heroes episodes a week or two later? That would mean no HD heroes, which really isn’t acceptable.

Regardless of what happens, I’m pumped about Prison Break starting up again tonight. No schedule conflicts there!

I’m pretty sure the audiences of 24 and Heroes are pretty similar, and I know a bunch of you guys watch both. What are you’re plans for this scheduling conundrum?

Ze Frank on the Wii

Ze FrankIf you’re not watching “The Show” with Ze Frank, well, you should be. You’re missing out.

Yesterday’s show was Ze talking about playing with his new Wii. Sure, he makes all the obvious “Wii” jokes, but he also brings some funny stuff, too. Heck, he even found some new games you should check out. “Don’t Wake the Bees” sounds like a great game.

The unboxing of the Samsung

I’ve finally uploaded pictures of the unboxing of my new 50″ Samsung DLP HDTV. (For those interested, here’s a link to my TV on Samsung’s website) In all honesty, my pictures don’t really do justice to this TV. It is, quite simply, a beautiful thing that can not be captured by a camera and distilled into bits and bytes. It needs to be experienced. But since I can’t have you all over, pictures will have to do.

The moment has arrived

Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures:
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Questions for you 24 junkies

24tv.jpgOkay, fellow 24 junkies, I’ve had a chance to digest the four-hour season premier of 24. (If you were wondering, yes, 24 kicks some serious butt in HD). So far, I have mixed feelings about the way this season has started. There are some things I like and some things I have a problem with. I do, however, have a few questions (– SPOILER ALERT –):

How did Wayne Palmer become President that fast? I thought he had no interest in serving in office? Maybe I missed something.

And what about his sister? Years have elapsed in the “24 Universe,” yet there was never a mention (that I can remember) of a sister. Sounds Star Wars-esque.

Where are Aaron Pierce and Mike Novick? We all know that Jack and Aaron are the only ones that will survive the apocalypse. Curtis is obvious proof of that. Jack and Aaron are like cockroaches. They can survive fricken nuclear winter. So where is Agent Pierce?

Speaking of Curtis, Holy Crap on Stilts! Who saw that coming?! I thought Curtis was, like, a Jack Junior or something. Mrs. buttonMasher was very disappointed to see Curtis buy the farm so early.

I’m not as steeped in 24 Lore as some of you may be, so if you can enlighten me, I’d appreciate it.