DJing with the Wiimote

Sometimes, people are just awesomer than you. Check out DJ ! (DJ Shift 1 to his friends) use a pair of Wiimotes to control music on his PC setup. Make sure you watch both videos.

Update: It appears that the site is down. Try again later. Not sure what’s going on there. You can also try this link, has worked for me in the past.

Update 2: Okay, ignore those other links and use this one.

Here are the links to his YouTube videos: Video 1 and video 2.


  1. The link does not work. And I was all fired up to see his awesomer abilities.

  2. Bobster – Yeah, it does appear that the site is down. I’m not sure what happened there. I tried a different link and that didn’t work, either. Try again later?

  3. The link seems to work now but the server dishing the video out is sloooooow. Think he is getting more traffic than he expected? I blame you!

  4. I have watched the videos and I noticed that the two YouTube video’s are of DJ! but the first link lead to another DJ called Donkeytonk.

    I think DJ! wins hands down.

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