Top 10 “Real-life” Games

Got some time to waste? The Thinking Blog presents the Top 10 “real-life” games. Some are pretty clever, a couple not so much.

Update: What a coincidence! Here are some more “live-action” video games.


  1. Yes, that was a coincidence… I’m glad to see there wasn’t a lot of overlap. I’d been collecting those for quite a while now. I’m not a big gamer, so my list was based on what I found funny.

  2. Hey.. I did’t know there were more of these at the ‘Yes but No but Yes’ blog! (what a name)

  3. I agree that some were clever some not so clever. Of course all of them were made by people with more “get out there and do it ness than me so I can’t complain.

    Great link.

  4. Miss – I actually found the first batch a week or so before yours, just never got around to posting it. Then I found your and had to post something!

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