To EVE or EQ2?

Recently I’ve had the itch to jump back into a MMOG. I’m been thinking of re-upping to play EVE Online, but with all the things going on there, I’m hesitant to jump back in. I’ve got a free copy of Everquest 2 that I could use to try out EQ2. My first MMO experience was with EQ1 and it was a long time ago (and it wasn’t a good one), so I don’t have any allegiance there. I had thought about giving Vanguard a chance, but I think I’ll wait a few months so they can work out the kinks, even though it seems like a decent game already. I thought about giving World of Warcraft a try, but I know how quickly it will consume me and I’m not taking my chances. I’m only playing if I get to play in Foton’s Guild. (No way I’m that hardcore.)

I was also invited to give Dungeon Runners a try, so that’s another possibility. Have any buttonMashers played Dungeon Runners? Looks like a cross between Guild Wars and Diablo 2. What would you guys suggest? I’m not shelving the 360, but my wife has recently discovered the wonderous Xbox Live Arcade, so I have been letting her play her fill of Hexic and Uno for now. Once Crackdown comes out, the 360 is all mine again. For now, I just feel like some good old fashioned MMORPG’ing. I’ve got needs. I’m not desperate yet, but I’ve even considered jumping back into Neocron 2. I know it’s gotten bad if I go that far.


  1. I’ve played all three, actually. 🙂

    To answer your question about DR: It is Diablo. For reals. It is Massively Multiplayer Online Diablo, with a goodly amount of attitude thrown in. Whack the foozle, explore the dungeon, collect the loot, go back to town, sell the loot, repeat.

    It’s pretty fun. If you can rustle up a regular group I bet it would be hawesome.

    I’m playing EQ2 regularly on Wendesdays, and I’m enjoying the heck out of that. Again, you need a consistent group for it to be truely freak-tastic. It’s just not a soloing game.

    My two cents is actually to bite the bullet and hit up WoW. You should be able to find a trial account without much challenge, and it’d be lots of fun for the couple of days between now and Crackdown. *That* is a fun solo game. 🙂

    Good luck, man.

  2. Pretty sure that Foton’s guild wouldn’t take you until you’re level 70 anyway.

  3. Michael – Luckily, I have a couple people that I think I can talk into joining me in whatever virtual world I end up in. Right now I’m leaning towards EQ 2, with some time spent trying on DR. As far as WoW goes, I imagine one day I’ll try it. Just not now.

    Kunikos – A guy can dream!

  4. EQ2 FTW.

  5. cyan – Something I hadn’t thought of, but you indirectly answered, was whatever game I chose, I’d need a podcast to go with it. I just downloaded your most recent one and I’ve already found my EQ2 podcast!

  6. depends if you want fantasy or sci fi. both are good games though.

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