Surviving a Dead Rising

Contrary to the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor it appears that I will not, in fact, survive. More succintly, my Xbox 360 will not survive. It appears that asking it to perform its duties for longer than a few hours results in a hissy fit involving red lights:

It's hot in here!

That’s right, the red rings of death. Luckily it was only two red lights, which effectively means “I’m too hot, I’m shutting down.” In hindsight, I should have opened the doors on the entertainment center to allow for a little air circulation, but with little kids that are ever pressing green buttons, I couldn’t take my chances. So mid-way through my third day of survival, having just survived 24 hours outdoors, the 360 died, rather unceremoniously. Seven hours of Dead Rising down the drain. Son of a!

So it appears I’m once again done playing Dead Rising for the foreseeable future. I got a couple more achievements before everything died, so it wasn’t a total loss, but I didn’t accomplish the end goal. Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes on my quest. If everything had gone according to plan, I would still be playing. But it was not to be.

Since Dead Rising is no longer going to consume me, I decided to take the plunge in Everquest 2. I’m currently designing my first character. I’ll have a little blurb of my first experiences later. This is probably a mistake, as my EQ time will be immediately diminished on Tuesday when Crackdown shows up. We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get there.


  1. Ouch. Is it just Dead Rising or the whole unit?

    Here I thought Dark Cloud 2 refusing to load a cinematic was bad 🙂

  2. I’ll tell ya this to save you some heartache. Get that thing out from, under there. No joke.

    I’ve been there. It’s just not enough space…even with your doors open.

  3. flamingsquirrel says

    If I ever get a 360 (which I hope to, someday, when they’re like $100) I’m getting an intercooler. Screw overheating.

  4. Josh – It was simply from running so long, unventilated. I haven’t had any issues since. Bummer about DC 2. Did you ever get it fixed?

    ag – yeah, I’m afraid that’s going to be the case. If I ever try the survivor achievement again, I’ll be taking it out of the cabinet.

    flaming – I thought about getting an after-market cooler, but I’ve read some bad reviews about a couple of them, so I’m waiting. And good luck waiting for them to hit 100$. It’ll be a while.

  5. flamingsquirrel says

    Hey, I waited till the Xbox price dropped,I got an Xbox, 2 controllers, Halo 1, and an Xbox live headset, with like 3 CDs on the hardrive, for $80, don’t tell me I can’t get 360 for a good price.

  6. flamingsquirrel

    There is no doubt you can get a 360 for under $100. In 2010.

  7. flamingsquirrel says

    I can wait, trust me.

  8. elektrokuter says

    Man, poor 360 just cant cut it. Sucks that that keeps happening. There must be so many refurbished 360s out there now.

    I’ve been playing these free games lately on the PC. Fun FPS stuff, should check it out.

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