Carnival of Gamers is almost here

Funny how time creeps up on you. The Carnival of Gamers #22 is right around the corner. Seems like it was just yesterday we were picking up the trash from the last one! The Carnival is heading to Brent’s place at Virgin Worlds this month. As always, you can check out all the Carnival info at the Carnival HQ, especially if you’ve never heard of the Carnival or want a refresher course, .

Get your submissions in to Brent ASAP!


  1. Did you see that some other site was running a “Carnival of the Video Gamers” or something like that? I meant to mention it earlier…

  2. jvm – Hmmm, interesting. I had no idea about another carnival. Not really sure what the difference between the “Carnival of Gamers” and the “Carnival of the Video Gamers” is, but I wonder if we’re duplicating efforts.

    Thanks for the heads up with that.

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