Trouble in Crackdown Paradise?

CrackdownSo over the weekend, I played a few hours of Crackdown co-op with friend Bobster. The experience was a total blast. I’ve never laughed as hard as I did playing Crackdown with someone else. The fun started kicking each other off high buildings and never stopped. Whether it was running over innocent pedestrians or flying over the rooftops, the co-op experience was top shelf. An absolute blast. My sides and head hurt I was laughing so much. If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. So the co-op session was a success. The fall-out, however, might be a problem.

Since I was further along in the single player campaign, we decided to have Bobster host the game. After we took down the kingpin of Los Muertos, we turned our attention to the Volk gangsters. Before we played, I had taken out a couple Volk Generals, so we went to take those out first. We took down a handful of Volk Generals and then went our seperate ways. Today, I fired the game up to clean up the Volk and turn my attention to the Shai-Gen.

I pulled up the map and something was amiss. I looked at the list of Volk Generals, and one was missing (the kingpin). The first General I took down (one of the female Generals, I don’t remember who) was showing up as killed, but on the map it was showing her location as the location of the kingpin. Her actual location wasn’t shown on the map. So I cruised to where she should be, and sure enough, she was gone. The Agency was all over her location. So I headed over to where the kingpin should be (the place the female General shows up) and again, he was nowhere to be found. Crap! Something was not right.

I reset the game, reloaded my saved game and looked. Nothing changed. I couldn’t get the intel on the Kingpin, because the game thought I had already taken him out, even though I never fought him. So I was stuck. I could get to him because he was already gone, even though I never beat him.

Okay, so that was probably hard to follow. Long of the short is — I played co-op and my Crackdown save game seems to be corrupted now.

So I did what I always do with presented with a problem: I went to the oracle to present my problem. One of the first results was this post on Xbox360Fanboy. While it’s not exactly my problem, the comments make it seem like I’m not the only one with this type of problem.

Has anyone else who’s play Crackdown co-op had this problem? I hope this is something that can be fixed and I really, really, REALLY hope a fix will be forthcoming. It’d be frustrating if I had to start all over, just from some multiplayer bug. That would be a pain.


  1. I’m sorry I missed your invite. I’ve been all over this game today. I have noticed some quirky things with that specific general. I just kept playing and she showed back up.

  2. ag – I was wrong, everything is copacetic. Next time we’re on, we’ll give co-op another go.

  3. Yup. Exact same problem. Played co-op with a buddy who was further along than I was. We cleaned out the Los Muertos and proceeded to the Volk. Killed all the generals, got intel that the kingpin was on the oil rig.

    Uh oh. Oil rig is empty. No kingpin.

  4. elektrokuter says

    The co-op is great and is sometimes more fun than the single player. And moreso than most games it is showing you the power of co-op play in a sandbox style game. There are flaws but I found it to be much more fun than Saint’s Row, which seems to be a forgotten memory anyways.

    Ive also been playing these free games based on the Source engine. It’s pretty good stuff and theyre FPS’. One is called Kuma\War and the other Dinohunters. I’m not sure exactly why its free but I never came across any spyware. Check em out at


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