I am an idiot.

Okay, so that will probably not come as a surprise to many of you, but it’s true. Fortunately, I’m not completely crazy, there is actually a method to my idiotness.

It turns out, there was nothing wrong with my saved game.

I was thinking about Crackdown today at work (yeah, I have exciting days at work) and it dawned on me — when I was playing with Bobster, we located the Volk Kingpin, we just never went after him. He was out on an oil rig in the ocean. Turns out, I was looking in the wrong place last night. Argh!

I did a little search and found a Crackdown map and sure enough, I was right. There he was, the Volk Kingpin, happily tucked away on his little oil rig out in the water, not where I had initially thought he was. In my defense, here’s what threw me off. Look at this portion of the map:

Crackdown Map

As you can see, I killed General Natalya “White Fox” Gryzunova in one portion of the map, but she’s actually located at another spot. So I don’t know if she was supposed to get away in a car or something and I killed her too quickly or what, but it was driving me crazy that she wasn’t showing up where I actually killed her.

So all is well in Pacific City. I’ll be heading back to Crackdown after 24. I can’t wait.


  1. She was driving around in a car trying to escape I recon as we had raided her home base. I spotted her going by us when we were trying to find her. I mentioned seeing her race by but it was late (early) so you may have missed my comment. We did take her out on the street far from her base.

    It was a hillarious game of Crackdown and I may have peee a little as my sides split. “If you don’t want to get run over, get the hell off the sidewalk!” was a winner.

    P.S. We’re all idiots.

  2. I have created the map. And Gryzunova is actually randomly roaming the city now and then. She can be killed at the Wolfpack Riot area, she can be killed at the Observatory.

    The official hideout of Grayzunova remains the Observatory. Try the Time-Trial, it spawns you at the Observatory, no matter if you killed her at the Wolfpack Riot area.

    If you still don’t believe it; Contact RealTimeWorlds about it. They’re gonna give the same awnser.

  3. elektrokuter says

    haha fun stuff man. the game isn’t an easy one, but good deal in finding the map.

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  4. I had the same experience in Crackdown, glad to find out I’m not the only one. Now, if I can only find those last four damn agility orbs 🙂


  5. BDR – Thanks for the great map.

    And it’s good to hear I’m not the only one that’s struggled with this particular General. I’m just glad to have taken her down!

  6. I had the same problem, I killed General Natalya “White Fox” Gryzunova in the Wolfpack Riot Area, and in another Gamertag, I killed her at the Observatory, and I had no clue why her location changes. Does anyone know?

  7. Wow so I’m not the only one who has had this problem. And in your face, Bill K, I have ONE agility orb to go, and THREE hidden orbs. Woah, look who’s better at Crackdown?! Uhm ME!

  8. Yeah… I have all the orbs and I killed the bizzich at the observatory 3 times now… Once my first round, once in co-op and another time when I made the mistake of resetting the damned bosses, which I am going to have to do again to impound all the vehicles… BTW does anyone know how to beat that last race… the one in la mugre with the agency racecar??? It’s the last one I have to get…

  9. well i ALWAYS kill her there x] i did not know that she had to get away in a car untill i got to this page haha!

    • Yeah, funny how that happens. The second time I played through I actually let her get away so I could kill her at the “right” place!

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