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I have a new rule for my game playing — I’m limiting myself to one title per console at a time. A couple of games are exempt from the rule. Viva Pinata is one, since it’s a game my kids love to watch. So I can pop Viva in at any time. Another is Sudoku on Brain Age. That’s an excellent 5-minute gaming-fix game, so it’s exempt as well. So, with that in mind, here is what I’m playing:

CrackdownCrackdown – I haven’t played much Crackdown lately, as the kids have been monopolizing the TV of late. I’ve finished off the first two gangs, so I’m in no hurry to rush through the rest of the single player missions. I haven’t felt super compelled to jump back into Crackdown for some reason, but if I could get into a co-op game or two, that would definitely interest me. My first couple co-op games were a total blast, so I’m looking forward to more co-op craziness. If you see me online, don’t hesistate to send an invite. I’ll probably be on at some point since I have hundreds of orbs to gather. The way it looks now, I may do a little orb hunting this weekend.

I have the maps, afterall.

Everquest 2Everquest 2 – Right now, EQ2 is consuming the lion’s share of my gaming time. When my running mates are on, I’m out slaying monsters and doing quests. When they’re not on, I’m harvesting everything in sight and working on my tradeskills. I decided to go with Provisioner (the guy that makes food) because everyone’s got to eat, right? The crafting isn’t as engaging as I thought it would be at first, but it’s still a fun diversion. I just wish there was a way to make more than two items at a time.

I also made my way to Nektulos Forest, which is much too difficult for my little Bruiser, but has actually rekindled that feeling I had when I first played EQ1. My first couple weeks in EQ2 didn’t have that same feeling, but making it to the forest, where things are darker and more confined, reminded me of my first corpse runs in EQ1. Ahhh, those were the days.

Contact DSContact – Currently, Contact is getting the least amount of attention. I get to it about once a day (read: bathroom break) but I’m making steady progress. I started over from scratch a few weeks ago, so I had to replay through some of the content, but it wasn’t too painful. I’m now in the desert, trying to find all the pieces to a statue. I’ve exhausted all the places to look, and the only possibilities seem to be either buying a deed to a pyramid to explore (it’d take forever to get enough money for it) or figure out what outfit I need to wear to open a door in another pyramid.

Anyone with hints for getting past this point would be appreciated. Otherwise, Contact has been a fun little game. I’d classify it as an RPG-lite kind of game, which is okay with me.

So that’s what I’m playing. I’ll also think I’ll slip in a round or two of Tiger Woods when I get a chance. What are you guys playing?


  1. >>What are you guys playing?

  2. (Looks like my message above got truncated…)

    Been playing Twilight Princess since I picked it up earlier this week. A very nice Zelda title… natch, the visuals are great, but the game is pretty immersing and fun to play.

    The best touch was the introduction of the new canine character – (at times, Link is a wolf). What’s interesting about it is that the wolf isn’t exactly “Link-ish.” You have to think like a wolf when you control him. Dig for things, bite attackers, etc. Most interesting is the ability to use “wolf senses” – the wolf can sense things Link cannot.

    Critique-wise, something I’m not used to in the Zelda titles is the linear play. Meaning, unlike the other titles in this series, you can’t choose to do this or that, or go to this dungeon or that castle. (At least, if non-linear gameplay it’s there, I haven’t gotten to it yet.) So far for me, the storyline has been predetermined, with Link being guided from one task to the next without much room for just goofing around and going different places or doing things out of sequence. How I miss Ocarina, where I could just jump on Epona and ride into the sunset for as long as I’d like! But perhaps this is nitpicking.

    Back to the game. My poor thumbs…

  3. Crackdown. Texas Hold em.

  4. Monkey – I didn’t know you picked up Zelda. Did you get a Wii?

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