A new toy

It’s no secret that I have loved Bloglines for a long time. I’ve been a vocal supporter of the service they provide and have convinced more than a few people of the virtues of not only a feed reader, but an excellent feed reader like Bloglines.

Recently, I’ve been having issues with Bloglines. Feeds that are frequently updated were showing up with no updates, the number of updates of other feeds weren’t consitent with the site, things like that. So I decided to give Google’s feed reader, “Google Reader” a try. Now I’m torn. The more I use Google Reader, the more enamored I become with it. It may just be the effect of being “the new shiny thing,” but I’m really liking it. Both sites basically do the same thing (and do it well), but for some reason, Google’s offering seems better to me. It seems a little more streamlined, less cluttered and it has a better way to save interesting posts. Not sure which one I’ll stick with, but for now, I’m really enjoying Google’s toy.

There’s no point to this post, as I know plenty of you guys are already using Google Reader to follow Buttonmashing, but I just wanted to let everyone know I have a new love. Bloglines will always have a place in my RSS-reading heart, but Google Reader is moving in on its turf.


  1. What’s your shared items feed URL? I’ll add it to my mix. Mine can be found here.

  2. Nice! I just exported my Bloglines into Google Reader. Will play around with it, I’m a big fan of all the Google toys.

  3. Yes, google reader is freshly baked cookies.

  4. I was solely a Bloglines user for a long time until I saw my wife using Google Reader. I tried it out and enjoy it immensely. I couldn’t bring myself to stop using Bloglines because the mobile version of their service was far superior to Reader, until recently. Now Reader’s mobile version is on par with Bloglines, so I may end up ditching the latter.

    Other online-based RSS readers I’ve used are Yahoo, Netvibe, and Orb. They are pretty decent, but none can touch Bloglines or Google Reader.

  5. Corvus – I didn’t even know there was a “shared items” feed. Very cool, I’ll have to check that out.

    Ethic – Google does make some fun toys. Now we wait for the Google MMOG.

    ag – yeah, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

    Will – I never used Bloglines mobile, but a buddy of mine swears by it. And I started off with RSS feeds using Yahoo’s “My Yahoo” page. Handy but no where near what GR or BL offers.

  6. GEEKS!

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