Samus vs. Master Chief

This video, Haloid is making the rounds, but as both a big Halo fan and a HUGE Metroid fan, I’d have to turn in my fanboy card if I didn’t link it as well.

It’s extremely well made, excellently choreographed and has a lot of charm. While I don’t care for the ending, this video is a must watch.


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    *electricity buzzes over crotch*
    I dabble in flash animation, and i’ve tried my hand at 3D. BUT HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME! SOMEONE GET THAT GUY A JOB AS A 3D ANIMATOR NOW!! And yeah, the ending was lame.

  2. The only bit about the ending that I didn’t like was the stupid dance video after the credits.

    I did like the inclusion of one of The Wingless’s videogame music remixes for the credits.

  3. fs – yeah, that guy has skills, no doubt about that.

    Brin – I was happy to see a track by The Wingless as well, his(?) Metroid remixes get heavy rotation on my “Game Music” playlist.

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