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Jack BauerI get visitors from search engines all the time. As you probably already know, people search for some weird stuff. Unfortunately I don’t get the hilarious search phrases all the cool bloggers get and mock, so I’ve never had enough funny searches that would warrant a blog post. Until today, that is, when someone hit searching for:

how to become a jack bauer

Wow. I don’t have anything witty to add to that. I simply want to meet the man (or woman) who wants to become a Jack Bauer and shake his or her hand.

On a 24-related side note, I stopped watching 24 a few weeks ago and started watching Heroes again. 24 got stale and jumped the shark with the whole “save Audrey from the Chinese” storyline. Did I make a mistake? Or was it still an over-the-top cheesefest?


  1. Yeah, 24 is done. I’m finishing out the season, but this is it. The only good parts anymore are the Jack Bauer kicking ass scenes. I might switch to Heroes but I have a lot of catching up to do.

  2. You did not make a mistake. We did the same thing. 24 just ran out of ideas.

    This is its worst season. Shame, because last year was its best.

  3. @mgroves – You’re a better man than I am for finishing out the season. That’s a true fan!

    @agentgray – It’s good to hear that a fellow diehard bailed as well. I really have enjoyed the show, but I couldn’t take anymore of it. I’ll have good memories, but it’s time to move on.

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