Forza 2 setup, DIY style

I plan on picking up Forza 2 in the next week or two. Not sure if it will be a rental or a purchase, but I was a big fan of the original Forza Motorsport for the Xbox, so I figured I’d try my hand at Forza 2. Never mind that I wasn’t any good at it (I played it like I played Burnout 3. Not a good combination). I have no plans, however, of picking up the Xbox 360 driving wheel. With my current entertainment setup, it would be rather impractical. Unless, of course, I put in a little elbow grease and made my own little racing wheel set up, like this guy did. Here’s the finished product

I’m just not that handy.

Looking through some of these threads of other people’s setups is impressive. I love me some driving games, but man. That’s real love.

(Links via Dethroner)


  1. I tried the demo and it “shore due look perty”

    …but it didn’t make me squeal like a pig. The realism is amazing and I love the attention to detail. I just don’t have the time to invest in a game that needs practice.

    However, it is in my Gamefly queue.

  2. Nat – I think I’ll be renting it, and if I love it, I’ll pick up either a used copy or wait for a price drop.

    I specifically passed on this demo because I want my first time to be special.

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