There’s a new guy in town

When I first started this site I never envisioned it growing larger than just me blogging. I actually resisted the idea of another blogger for a long time. Then as time went on, I noticed that I just simply can’t keep up with everything. Along with that, there are huge gaps in the amount of titles I can actually play. So I mulled over the idea of adding another blogger and decided to ask Nat if he’d join me. I was pretty excited when he joined the team a little while ago.

Recently I ran into a high school buddy of mine on MySpace (it’s not all bad, yo!). He and I were huge gamers back in the day and we fell out of touch for a while. After a little back and forth via email, we got together on Live for some Gears of War and had a blast. I told him about the site and made an offer to him, that if he was interested, I’d love to have him write for the site as well. He agreed and he’ll also be joining the team. He’ll go by the name Dark Reyule and he’ll be giving us some excellent content.

So now, as far as the site goes, here’s how I see things: I’ll be handling the majority of the day-to-day blogging and site stuff. Nat will throw in his two cents, blogging-wise, along with some more in-depth analysis and editorial content. He’ll also be our resident Sony expert. Dark Reyule will be our 360 guru, blogging about the goings-on with the 360, and will be providing us with his in depth reviews of games he’s been playing. We’ll have two of his reviews up soon one the site.

So in the period of a couple months, we’ve tripled in size and will hopefully be bringing some consistently good content.


  1. Dark Reyule says

    YAY ME!

    Thanks T for the red carpet intro. A quick blurb about these review, I won’t be assigning scores to any review, just a suggestion; Buy it, Rent it, Avoid it. It’s that cut-and-dry.

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