It’s a sickness. Help me!

Recently, the medical community confirmed what most of us already knew — playing video games can be addicting. Anyone who has grinded for a few more gold pieces, played that stupid helicopter flash game for one more level or dropped yet another quarter into the Galaga machine can attest to it. We didn’t need some egghead with an M.D. to tell us that.

Clearly, the people that make up the AMA have never played Desktop Tower Defense. All those “addictions” they talk about pale in comparison to what Desktop Tower Defense will do to your soul. Hopefully everyone by now has played DTD, but the newest version came out recently and it’s better than ever. When I first saw a link to the game a few weeks ago, I played it for a few minutes and went about my merry way. It was a fun little game, but I was at lunch at the time and I didn’t have time to really delve into it.

Well I decided this evening to “delve into it” and have wasted the last four five and a half hours playing the game. And all I can think about while I’m writing this is, “finish the fricken blog post already, dude! I have a great idea for a new tower layout!” That’s not right! I should not be having this conversation with myself. I wonder if there’s a DTD Anonymous?

So yeah. Are games addicting? When they’re as fun as DTD, yes. Horrifingly so. If you play this game for more than five minutes and don’t like it, you have a defective gaming gene.

Update: I made a Group called “” on the DTD site, where you can compare your score to other sickos players. So if you play a few games today, add your score to our little “group.” I’d like to see how afflicted much fun you guys are having.

(On a side note, James Lileks has a great piece about this so-called addiction, which is worth a read)

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