The countdown begins (T-minus 14 days)

NCAA 2008Do you know how hard it is not to type, “Are you ready for some football?!” everytime you get excited about a new football game? Ahh crap. It’s impossible.

Anyway, I can’t contain my excitement any more about this game. I saw the videos earlier, Xbox just released a trailer on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and I’m about ready to blow. Two weeks and counting! I was listening to the 1UP Yours pod-cast last night, and they said NCAA 2008 is looking awesome. They said the graphics are finally looking “next gen” and the amount of new animations and other details is staggering. They said the Dynasty mode (the reason most of us play it) is engrossing yet again.

The college football season officially begins when NCAA 200x comes out. This place is going to be NCAA-central (at least from where I stand) for the next few weeks. I will be eating, drinking, and sleeping NCAA 2008 Dynasty mode. The North Royalton University Bears will rule the college football landscape forever! (unfortunately, only Dark Reyule will get that last reference)


  1. Dark Reyule says

    ZOMG! How funny is it that I make the NR Bears every year to, minus one Jeff Harhay šŸ™‚

    I think I may pass on NCAA Rehash 08 and will instead be playing All-Pro Football 2K8!

  2. DR – Yes, I make the NR Bears every year, right down to the purple and gold colors and the Bear logo.

    I also have to rename all my players to their counterparts. Of course my #42 is reserved for one JD. And of course I have to keep Harhay on the team.

    (For those wondering what the heck we’re talking about, Dark Reyule and I went to the same high school and played football together. I create a new university with NCAA 200x’s create-a-school feature and then rename all the players to kids I played in high school with.

    Is that kind of creepy?)

  3. Dark Reyule says

    Yes, and I had the cleanest jersey of the group, of course I held out my Senior year after contract negogtiations broke down with “Damnit Anyway” James Thaman and crew and my career ended with 3 rushes totaling 0 yards and 1 catch for 10 yards*

    *this catch was in pre-season, holy crap did I suck.

  4. Dark Reyule says

    Oh and how the hell did you remember my number? Um, yours was… 74? 73? 64? Ahh screw it, you were a lineman, all of you looked the same to me. PAANAGOUTTI!

  5. Man, I remember everyone’s numbers. Greg was 78, Meat was 89, Don was 62. I don’t forget those kind of things, for whatever reason.

    Oh, and I was 65, BTW šŸ™‚

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