E3 musings (day 2)

A few thoughts on what I’ve seen talked about throughout the game-o-sphere:

It seems like most people’s reactions to Nintendo’s conference was a big shrug of the shoulders. Everyone seemed interested in WiiFit, but not much else. I can’t blame them. The Nintendo’s stable of games is being replenished by old stand-bys (Mario Kart, Super Mario, Metroid [so purty!]) but other than that, not a whole lot. I’m not that interested in WiiFit, personally. I see what they’re doing and I guess they should be commended for it, but I’d rather go to the actual gym and pump some iron. I’m also a bigger guy, so the thought of me getting on that balance board thingie is laughable. I’d snap that thing in two in two seconds flat.

Fracture for the 360 looks interesting.

I didn’t play the original Fallout games but I know its pedigree. Fallout 3 on the 360 has me very intrigued. bethesda

On the other hand, Fable 2 does not interest me in the least. Fool me once and all that.

Finally, I know I’m in a tiny minority here (made up of probably myself and a couple teenage girls) but I still don’t see the allure of Guitar Hero. Now even Nintendo is getting in on the GH action with the Wii. I’m still not swayed.

(Gametrailers is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. All this media to consume!)


  1. I’m pretty intrigued by several DS titles on the horizon–namely Ubi’s stable of non-games. Jam Sessions looks like a blast and I’ve been meaning to learn Spanish anyway, so the Coach series intrigues me. Poke’ll keep me occupied until I check out Rune Factory and pick up Phantom Hourglass.

    There are several titles for the 360 which I’ll be interested in once I buy the console itself, which won’t be until I can spend a reasonable amount of money for something with HDMI out (for logistic reasons if nothing else) and a smaller, cooler fab. Used, if I can. Ijust can’t bring myself to get excited about giving money to MS, no matter how cool some of the games on their console are.

  2. Dark Reyule says

    I to saw the Fracture demo. It’s a third-person shooter (much like Socom in presentation) that had one of the more innovative weapons I’ve seen. A rocket that hones in on it’s enemy from underground, exploding below him and actually reconstructs the terra forma in real-time!

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