Weekend gaming

I plan on playing NCAA 2008 exclusively for a couple weeks once it comes out next week, so I decided to get some variety in my gaming this weekend, as it will probably be the last time I won’t be concentrating on one particular game for a while. I figured it would be fun to reach back in the 360’s library and go “old-school” as it were. I picked up Call of Duty 2 and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Both came out before I had a 360, so I plan on doing a little achievemnt point earning and old school gaming.

I also hope to get a little Everquest 2 in, with a little Pokemon Diamond on the side.

(I should also add that I’ll probably get sucked in to some Flash game over at Kongregate. Suprisingly, it won’t be Desktop Tower Defense. More likely it will be Bowmaster Prelude or Endless Zombie Rampage)

What games will you be playing this weekend?


  1. Dark Reyule says

    And I will be playing All-Pro Football 2K8 during this time, perhaps Tony and I can compare notes here as these two pre-Madden titles both drop next week.

    I did play the NCAA 2008 demo and was suprised that EA has a new engine, no more stutters in the framerate, all animations and camera pans are silky smooth.

    BUT! (as usually the case with EA sports games) I saw the exact same tired playbook thats been around for years. Couple that with the fact that the achievements are virtually the same from ’07 and it seems like EA is doing the ol’ slap a coat of paint on it, and the next chronological digit in the title, ship it technique thaat most gamers seem to eat right up.

    I’m thinking of renting this, but I most likely will not buy it.

  2. DR – I’m excited to hear about APF2K8. I was hoping it would be in at Blockbuster, but of course it wasn’t.

    Interesting that there aren’t new playbooks in NCAA. For some reason I thought there were. Bummer.

  3. Finishing off San Andreas, then starting on Neverwinter Nights Diamond. If I get the time.

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