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In a market of growth such as videogames (making more money than movies last year), Nintendo has continued to innovate over the last twenty years. In almost every console Nintendo has made (yes, even the Virtual Boy) there has been something that they have done that has pushed the envelope in either hardware or software.

The Nintendo 64 wasn’t a really innovative console unless you can count the rumble pack, but one One of the things Nintendo did was shine in the software department. Goldeneye 64 brought multiplayter FPS gaming to the console masses long before Halo, Zelda: Orcania of Time brought excellent story elements and adventure design just before Final Fantasy VII, and Paper Mario brought a unique twist to the RPG genre.

By combining little bits of side-scrolling, RPG, and adventure gameplay and including the world’s most beloved video game character, Nintendo created what may be one of the most unique games from the N64 era. Oh, and did I mention that the beloved character, Mario, was flat? Yes, all the characters were 2D in a 3D world.

Where does that bring us you may ask? Simple. Nintendo has fulfilled fan’s wishes the world over by releasing the game on the Wii’s Virtual Console.

Let me let you in on a little secret. I’ve played almost every console, but I’ve never played an N64 game. Not a single one. However, I have played the other two Paper Mario games to great length and I don’t expect to be disappointed with this one. I consider them to be the best games on their respective consoles. Here’s hoping I don’t get cut.

Sorry, I’ve been away for a while. I spent last week preparing for a day long job interview of which I nailed this last Sunday. It looks like my family will be relocating in a month. Hoo-rah.


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    Say wha? N64 not innovative?
    Analog sticks don’t mean anything to you??
    PSX Had no analog sticks, N64 did, then PSX got them.

  2. Good call. I contradict myself there. I forgot about that little nub in the center.

  3. flamingsquirrel says

    yeah, the little nub that every game controler since has had…
    even a handheld has had one.

  4. Yeah, I wish the Wii had one in one shape or another other than an add-on.

    Of course, motion controls are much better and precise (at least in Metroid 3).

  5. flamingsquirrel says

    “That add on”
    Really, most Wii games would SUCK without the nunchuck.
    Twilight princess, Metoird 3, Mario strikers charged, Super Mario Galaxy, etc etc

  6. Nah, I meant the classic controller for the older games considering it’s what I originally talk about in the post.

  7. flamingsquirrel says

    Ummm… I’m confused, the Classic Controller HAS TWO analog sticks, as well as a D pad, the Nunchuck also has a analog stick.
    You mean the wii+nunchuck sucks for playing classic games? yeah it does. The Sideways Wiimote is ok for SOME games, but if your serious about the VC, you’ll get a classic controller.

  8. Ah, let me try and be clear:

    1. I love the wiimote/nunchuck setup for FPS games. Mario Strikers and other games not so much.

    2. I would never, ever dream of playing VC (except original 8-bit NES) games without a Classic Controller.

    3. I was wrong in my original post about the innovation. I’ve since fixed that. Lack of thought on my part. I’ve owned every NES console except an N64. For once, and rarely, I wasn’t impressed by it. I don’t know why. For some reason, I decided to wait for the PSOne. I guess it was because I was working retail at the time
    they came out and the PSOne was just that much…more aweseome (IMO). We definitely sold much, much more. Some of those N64 games were $70+!

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