In my fridge

I’ve got Bioshock in the 360, now I have some Bioshock fuel. Bio-fuel?

In my fridge


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    so jealous…

    Man, it would be so much fun to get my friend over here, grab a whole bunch of energy drinks, and play through Bioshock all night.

    I really want a 360 now.
    I mean, there’s practically no reason to have a wii right now, it’s a great system to accompany another system (like the 360) but for me, I want some traditional games, like Bioshock, gears, Rainbow six vegas, and halo 3 when it comes out, not to mention halo 2 on to hold me over till halo 3 comes out.

    oh well, Matroid 3 comes out soon, hopefully the holy trinity (Metroid 3, SSBB, and Super Mario galaxy) will keep my mind off it until I get a 360 (hopefully around X-mas) I could spend me GH/Rock Band $$ on a 360 and get some games to go with it for X-mas.

    I only know one guy with a 360, and he’ like 12, with freakishly strict parents (they thought freedom fighters was SOOO bad he wasn’t allowed to play it @ 12 years old…) so he’s BARELEY allowed to play Halo 2, his parents though Splinter cell was too violent. plus he can’t get broadband where he is. so no chance of getting my hardcore gaming fix there. I might check out some old PC games (namely NOLF 2, Far cry, Mafia, and knights of the old republic)

  2. Those appear to be some delectable energy tonics! I must try out the “Red Bull” plasmid. It’s sure to be a hit at any soire!

  3. Dark Reyule says

    I love AMP, WHOO-HOO!!!!

  4. Lol, my bio-fuel usually consists of a 5-pound bag of Costco pretzels, appropriately stale 😉

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