Bioshock + start of college football = BUSY

I just did the unthinkable — I attacked a Big Daddy (an Elite Bouncer, to be exact) with my pipe wrench. I was near a vita-chamber (a respawn point) and decided to pound a Big Daddy to a pulp with my wrench. It actually took a while but I did it. I’m not sure why I did, maybe I was hoping it was one of the secret achievements or something, but I took him down. Down to Chinatown. Sure, I went down a dozen times myself, but that’s beside the point.

So, ya, I’ve been busy playing Bioshock. Absolutely excellent game. If you want to read more about the game, I suggest you read Tom’s piece over at G-pinions.

I’ve also been busy posting at my other blog, Men of the Scarlet and Gray. College Football started tonight and we’ve been in preview mode all week over there getting ready for the 2007 Ohio State Football season to begin.

But I am alive and I believe my co-bloggers are as well. We’re still playing games when we can and regular posting should resume shortly. As far as games go, I think it will be Bioshock with a dash of Everquest 2 until Halo 3 for me, and then copious amounts of Halo 3. I’ve been actively recruiting work-mates to get in on the Halo 3 bandwagon. The more the merry! Hard to believe it’s less than a month away.


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    i’ve been playing the 2nd best wii game (next to RE4, which isn’t really a wii game, but it’s my favorite game)
    Metoird Prime 3: Corruption.
    Now, I hated Metroid Prime 2, everything about that game just sucked. Prime 1 was ok. But prime 3, takes all of the elements of the other Metroid games, and does them 50 times better. It’s a bit more Linear, but you can still stray off the path a little, and you’ll be rewarded with upgrades. While it is more linear, you still get the feeling your exploring this big world, not just running through an area in a video game shooting things, waiting for the next firefight (I’m looking @ you Halo 2) you really get immersed in the game. The controls are top notch, WAY better than any other console game in first person. Retro Studios really nailed it this time, they work flawlessly. If the game was more action focused (it still has more action than the other Metoirds, but it’s not Gears or anything) then the Controls might be tweaked to turn a little faster, but for this game, they’re perfect. The pacing is perfect as well. On par with RE4. This game is good. Damn good. Really, damn good. Must have for any Wii owner. The best reason to own a wii. And the best game on Wii (Not counting RE4, because RE4 wons, but owns harder still with Wii controls)
    Retro also got the Motion controls right. they actually work. The don’t use them for every little thing, but what they do use them for, they work great. Your on a planet with some older technologies, so some doors have to be manually unlocked, switches manually pulled etc. So you might walk up to a door, and to unlock it, you have to press the A button, the pull the remote away from the screen, twist it clockwise, and push it back in. The amazing thing is this actually works. One note though: It doesn’t use the accelerometers to do this, it uses the IR, so make sure your still pointing the wiimote @ the screen while you do it. The grapple beam feels great, you lock on to something with the Z button, then flick the nunchuk @ the screen, you grapple on to the object, if it’s a slab of rock, blocking a doorway, then just yank back on the nunchuk and you’ll pull it away. There are some enemies with shields, grapple on to the shield, and pull it off them.
    There’s also a rewards system, kinda like achievements, but not universal for all games. Your rewarded with tokens for doing various things, like defeating bosses, completing major objectives, or scanning new enemies. There are also these rewards called “Friend vouchres” you can’t use them yourself, but you can send them to people on your wii friends list with Metoird save data, and they can use them. So you trade them with your friends. So with all these kewl tokens, you can ulock stuff. Yeah, you can get the usual concept art, and sound tracks (When will a dev team get it right, and make it when you unlock soundtracks, to let you save those to your SD card?) Anyway, the fun stuff are things like the screenshot tool, with which you can press up on the D pad abnd take a screen shot, it’s sent to your wii message board, and you can send it to friends, and edit it in the photo channel. There is unfortunately, no way to move it off your wii, as you can’t move pictures from the Wii to your SD card, and your not allowed to send photo’s to email addresses.

    So super long comment that is really more of a Metroid Prime 3 Feature list/Fanboy rant
    the point is. Buy Metroid Prime 3 now, or buy a Wii THEN buy Metoird Prime 3. Or let God smite you for committing a sin against him by not owning and playing Metoird Prime 3.

  2. According to Tom at G-pinions, Bioshock is a game about killing little girls and stealing their souls? Yikes.

  3. @FS – Sorry for the late reply, but wow. MP3 sounds pretty awesome. Along with what Nat has said, I am very jealous of you guys playing Metroid. Very cool.

    Bobster – That’s about the size of it!


  1. […] was up much too late last night playing Bioshock, so I didn’t get a chance to work on any kind of preview post for the Youngstown State game. […]

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