Comic Watch – Moderately Confused

Moderately Confused

It’s been a while since I’ve done a comic watch, but I caught this one this past weekend and figured it was as good a place to start it up again as any. The comic in question is called Moderately Confused, but really should be called Moderately (but not really) Funny. Being that it’s a one-panel “strip” I always read it because it takes such little energy, but I am routinely disappointed. This one is no exception. Going for the easy “when I was a kid things were better” and the “all you kids do is play video games” is a pretty weak attempt. Besides, that kid is way to young to have a Playstation. A Nintendo, sure. He is a kid afterall. Color me unimpressed.

At least he got Playstation right. He probably could have pointed at a sandbox and said “when I was your age, that was my Xbox” but that would just be weird.


  1. I think “Playstation” is also supposed to be a pun.

    Also, it’s not even moderately funny, because the pun is just good enough to not be bad-funny, and terrible enough to not be good-funny.

    And the rest of it isn’t really humor, unless the point is to laugh at the dad’s misfortune for not being able to understand or experience the joy of gaming 😉

  2. Lol. My stepdad refers to all consoles as nintendos, even to this day.

  3. @Jason – Yeah, I figured as much about the pun. Playground, Playstation, it’s all the same. At least you were able to find something funny there. I couldn’t.

    @Tees – I have to refer to my 360 as my Nintendo for my dad. It’s easier not to confuse them 🙂

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