The triumphant return of “my” Xbox 360

I received a package yesterday from Microsoft that contained an Xbox 360 console and a note that read:

Dear Xbox Customer.

So that you can get back to playing and enjoying you Xbox quicker, we have replaced your Xbox console with a replacement unit.

As you probably know, my previous Xbox 360 overheated and was subsequently sent in for repairs less than a month ago. I was interested in seeing how Microsoft would handle the repairs, so I specifically wrote down the serial number from my broken unit to see if they’d repair my unit or send me a different one. Microsoft has some ground to make up with its customers, so how would they perform?

First off, I’m impressed with Microsoft’s response time. Less than a month turn-around is greatly appreciated. Second, I’m 99% sure they sent me a brand new unit. It’s quieter, cooler (after a four hour gaming session) and has a manufacturing date of 2007-08-09. I’m assuming that means 2007-August-9th, not a unit that was built 3 days ago. Either way, I’m giving Microsoft credit for being responsive and handling customer service appropriately. It’s a pain to send in a broken unit and wait, but this was fairly painless. The also gave me a free month of Live. A nice touch.

So now it’s back to gaming!


  1. Nice. I did this earlier in the year and got the same system back but with a crappy drive. It hyper-spins and won’t open remotely when vertical.

    Maybe I should wait a while and do it again…


  2. @Nat – I think the first time mine went in for repair, it came back. Maybe the figured it was a goner and trashed it.

    Sounds like yours would definitely qualify for repair. Thing is — how long do you want to go without?

  3. flamingsquirrel says

    I’m seriously looking into getting a 360, but I don’t have $400 to get a new one, so I was thinking of getting a “refurbished” one from Gamestop. they’re only $190, and I still have a $40 gift card. The problem is it’ll probably be an older model, so it’ll be really loud, and vulnerable to the Red Rings of Death. So I don’t know if the GS warranty will cover it. Plus, I want to re-flash the DVD drive firmware (read: Mod to play backups) because of the whole “Disk scratching” thing, I don’t want it to kill my originals. But if I mod it, no warranty… I can still play on live with the originals though.

  4. Just curious Tony, what XBox did you start with and which one did you get back? I only ask because I’m curious as to whether you got back one of the new Premiums with HDMI.

  5. @FS – Yeah, picking up a refurb would be scary if you get an older model. You can get a Core model for 279$, but then you’d have to get a hard drive or memory card. I’ve never had an issue with disc scratching, though.

    @Bush – Excellent question! I forgot to mention that. The one I sent in was a year-old model and the 360 that I was returned does not have the HDMI port. I wish it did, but no luck.

  6. One of mine is currently at the repair center right now. After reading this, I am curious if I will get the same box back or a replacement one. Time will tell, and hopefully it will be a short amount of time at that. Here’s to hoping!

  7. I’m glad your support experience went reasonably well. I’ve only really had one exchange with MS support which was absolutely unbelievably terrible.

  8. @bs angel – I’m guessing that with the huge number of consoles coming through their repair center, they’re just sending out new units to expedite the process. I guess they could eventually fix the bad ones, but the time crunch probably means new units for everyone.

    @JP – The actual human interaction with MS has been horrible. The people on the phone simply couldn’t help when I had questions. The actual turn around on the “repair” was the only positive experience.

  9. How long did it take for you guys to get the return kit? I ordered it online 4 days ago and have not recieved any confirmation it was sent. I don’t know if I should call or not.

  10. @Jesse – I ordered my box on a Friday and I think it took about 4 days after that. But I ordered mine over the phone. Not sure if ordering one online will make a difference.

  11. Thanks Tony, it actually came today

  12. I also send in my 3 year old xbox when it was broken, three lights were burning (rol).
    Within 9 days i already got a new xbox(replacement unit) in return with the same letter as tony. also with a 1 month free xbox live card.
    I think it is a brand new one, it works faster i think and where you put the disk in is different then before. Great service! i live in the netherlands by the way

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