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Basic Instructions

Basic Instructions

Not all comic watch posts will be snarky. There are times when a cartoonist “gets” gaming. And I’m not talking about the Penny Arcade guys or Scott Kurtz. Basic Instructions isn’t a web-comic about video games. It’s a comic about being awesome (among other things). I highlight these two particular strips because they are good (you can see bigger versions here) and show that poking fun at gamers can be very funny.

If you read Scott Adams‘ (The Dilbert Guy) blog, than you already know about Basic Instructions. If you don’t, give the comic a chance. It’s usually pretty hilarious. These two comics ring true to so many gamers. Whether you’re married or have a girlfriend, they are right on the money.


  1. I’ve been watching the transformation in Adams’s “comic reality series” – I actually like the comic a lot better in this one-pane newspaperish form than I do in its original shape.

  2. @JP – I haven’t figured out which one I prefer yet. When Scott Meyer is on, he is really on. I like his stuff. All of it.

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