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Tender Moments in Halo 3

I was doing my daily multiplayer matches (USDA Recommend Daily Allowance is at least 5 a day), this time in the Ranked Team Slayer playlist. I’m matched up with some players and we wait for the map to load. As often happens, someone comments on my gamertag (I aint yer Pa). The person that found it funny was a player with a gamertag like “EvilPRINCESSS183” or something. At first, the voice sounded like like a teenage boy whose voice hadn’t deepened just yet, but it turns out it was a real girl. I chuckled at the name EvilPrincess193, thinking some little kid thought it would be funny to call himself an evil princess.

The match was set for Guardian (one of my favorite maps) and it was on. Turns out that the competition was quite weak, so I was running around spanking the other team on the bare bottom. I go up the elevator and find three blue guys looking for trouble when EvilPrincess842 runs in and screams “Ahhh! Why do I always find the bad guys when I’m by myself?” She was promptly dispatched and then I Gravity Hammered two of them into oblivion before the third one got me.

I respawn and I hear a couple of my teammates talking. Another member of the team was RootofEvil583. I should have made the connection, but I didn’t until after the game (I noticed they had similar names and icons). How cute — a couple playing Halo 3 together. They were even playing on separate boxes (this was a ranked matched, after all). This adds to the cuteness. Then I overhear this conversation:

RootofEvil482: Honey, please! Don’t fall of the edge again.
EvilPrincess410: I’m trying! It’s not the easiest thing to do.
RootofEvil482: Sweetie! Be careful. You’re gonna fall!
EvilPrincess410: This level drives me crazy! It’s so hard to jump around!
RootofEvil482: You’re doing great! Now lets go get some kills!

It was a nice tender moments between a couple of love birds. The encouragement, the positive reinforcement. I just wanted to hug ’em! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: “The family (or couple) that games together, stays together.”

How to Apply Video Game Skills to Your Real Life

More Basic Instructions for your enlightenment.

Achieving Satisfaction

As anyone who’s been in a “Lone Wolf” Free For All match in Halo 3, you’ll know that a lot of players would like your assistance in getting a few of the tougher achievements that can only be earned in ranked FFA matches. BS Angel talked about this earlier. I’ve been spending the majority of my Halo 3 time in Lone Wolf matches, so I’ve been hearing this a lot.

I usually ignore the pleas to help out. “I’ll get in the Ghost, then you hijack me, then I’ll hijack you, then you hijack me back.” This was an actual conversation I heard as a game was loading. More often than not, I’ll head to wherever these guys are and mess with them. Then I’ll leave them to their business. Sure, I want the achievements, but I want to earn them, man!

One of these achievements is called “Two for One”:

Two for One

Recently, I was in a Lone Wolf match on Snowbound. It wasn’t a Slayer match, however, it was Oddball. I snatched the Spartan Laser and started chasing after a guy, training the laser on him the whole chasethe whole time, trying to time his movements to the charging laser. As luck would have it, another bad guy (with the skull, no less) came in the other direction. I charged the laser, blasted at guy #1 one and the nudged the laser ever so slightly and caught the other guy. Two for one, baby!

Here’s an in-game screenshot:

Two for One

Not the best shot, but you can see my name there in the background, in the little tunnel there, with the laser blasting the Ghost and the two bad guys as I earn my achievement the hard way. That was most satisfying.

More of this, please

Nintendo DS in the classroom.

Just don’t let them use Pictochat!

Looking Forward: Patapon

A game I’m looking forward to. In the future. On PSP.

More to come.

In my hands

The Orange BoxYeah, I’m about a week behind here, but I know you’ll forgive me. I’ve read so many positive things about Portal (our man Nat here, Michael has a good Orange Box round-up here) that I’ll be starting with that game.

Impressions will follow after I get around to it. I have to consume tonight’s episodes of Prison Break and Heroes. And a little Halo 3 multiplayer, too. I’ll get to it eventually!

Update: I got side-tracked the night before by some Halo 3 multiplayer action, so I didn’t get a chance to through the Orange Box disc in until last night. I originally thought I’d jump right into Portal, but decided to give Half Life 2 a look first. I may lose some gamer cred admitting this, but I never experienced the original Half-Life. So I was pretty confused for the hour or so I played HL2. It’s off to Wikipedia I go for some answers!

After a bit of wandering around in HL2, I jumped right into Portal. Fun fun fun. It’s one of those “holy crap, I’ve been playing for two hours?” game. I can’t wait to get back to it.

Portal: The Entrance

Probably the most unique, shortest, and downright coolest game to come across my path in the last couple of years is Portal. In order to explain it a little more effectively, I’m going to use the web as an example.

Jump through the entrance.

I hope Tony doesn’t shoot me for this.

Wednesday night musings

Since there aren’t any sporting events going on this evening (no college football games of note, the Indians have a day off, and who wants to watch pre-season NBA?) I’m working on some blog items, mostly updating plug-ins and playing around with their settings. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t totally *heart* WordPress.

I also have a couple other items to get to: For the time being, we won’t be hearing much from my newest co-blogger, Dark Reyule. He’s taking a break from gaming and blogging isn’t an option at the moment. I told him he’s still very much welcome around these parts, so hopefully he’ll still drop by once and a while. So the blogging will be coming primarily from me and Nat for the foreseeable future.

I’m also going through a bunch of drafts and stubs of posts I have sitting in various degrees of completion, so there may be the occasional post with some “older” content. Hopefully it will still be relevant in some way. The blogging will continue, even if morale doesn’t improve.

As for the musings: Anyone here listen to Major Nelson’s podcast? If so, is it just me, or has the podcast’s quality declined lately? When Major and his co-host “e” are talking about things like their latest travels or other minutia, I lose all interest. Their conversations also have an “inside joke” feel, but not everyone is in on it. This was something that turned me off of the Evil Avatar Radio podcast. I want to hear about games! Not how exciting your company retreat was! I don’t care who you saw at the Halo 3 launch. Tell me about the actual game. I do love when he interviews people in the “industry,” however. The interview with Marty O’Donnell was top-shelf. I love the music from the Halo Trilogy and hearing Marty talk about it was a treat. Get back to the games, Major.

I would also like to mention that the Halo 3 theater rocks. That is (not) all. More on that later.

Crazy Capcom!

If you’ve been a longtime reader of buttonmashing, you’ll note that there is a lot of love for the Capcom zombie games, most noteably Dead Rising and Resident Evil 4. Today in London Capcom announced the following games at their Gamer Day:

Street Fighter 4
Development has just begun and the release of the game is more than a year away. No platforms are yet confirmed – a highly stylised animated concept trailer of Ryu and Ken fighting was shown, but no game footage.

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
A new character and new series starring a rookie lawyer. Phoenix Wright makes an appearance but is not the lead character. Made specifically for DS.

Lost Planet (PS3)
Available early next year and will include all bonus characters from the PC version and extra downloadable content from the 360 version making it the complete package. Made possible with Blu-ray. 16 player online over the PSN.

Dark Void
A new sci-fi action-adventure IP. Trailer showed third-person and air-vehicle gameplay with a character wearing a steam punk jetpack, skydiving and landing in the cockpit of a gyroscopic aircraft, and then jumping and climbing through airbase fortesses.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD (Xbox Live Arcade)
The game will feature a spectator mode and is scheduled for a 2008 while the team try and get zero lag for the online mode. Also features stat tracking and widescreen. Original music from Street Fighter 2 will be used, plus remixed versions of all those tunes.

Wii Love Golf
From the Everybody’s Golf team comes a cutesy golf sim, that looks slightly more technical than the PlayStation versions. Players can fade or draw the ball by twisting the Wii-mote when taking a swing.

Notice anything missing? Yep, I don’t see it either. Now, you think that they would possibly want to cash in on one of their better selling games in recent years. However, they see no need (at this time, hopefully) for Dead Rising 2.

Many (heh) of us on the staff here at buttonmashing firmly believe there needs to be a sequel or spirtual successor for Dead Rising. Co-op would be a bonus.

Also, I like Lost Planet for the 360, (On the finish list!) but I don’t see how PS3 gamers are going to be clammoring for it next year. Of course, I may be proven wrong because Resident Evil 4 has done something similar with new platforms and performed reasonably well in sales.

From this list, it’s clear that Capcom views their buttonmashing (ha!) Street Fighter games as the true breadwinners.

Thanks to Evil Avatar and Games Radar for the info.

“Made possible with Blu-ray.” That’s subtle. I wonder how muchthey got from Sony for that?

Donkey Kong (video game)

From the daily Wikipedia email, Donkey Kong (video game).

Geek cred: Earn it.