Amazing Game Moments

Megatonik discusses some of the best gaming moments they’ve experienced.

As for me, I would have to go with Zelda: Wind Waker. The most vivid memory I have was at the point in the game where you go underwater, to the submerged, lost Hyrule Castle. Everything was beautiful about that place — the art, the stained glass, everything was absolutely glorious. Couple that with the haunting music that softly accompanied your exploration and the lonely guards you had to dispatch, and this was one of the most amazing game moments I’ve had. Even though Zelda isn’t my favorite Gamecube game (Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime vie for that honor), Zelda had some of the most breathtaking moments to experience.

What about you? What was the moment that took your breath away?


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    speaking of zelda, through my mad connections (ok, I know someone who works at gamestop) I got my copy of Phantom hourglass like 20 min ago. AMAZING. truly awesome.

  2. My most amazing game moment also belongs to the Zelda series. I’m not sure if a spoiler alert is necessary for a game that is ten years old, but below is an Ocarina of Time spoiler.

    I had fought against Ganon in the first three Zelda games. In OoT, I had to get used to this Ganondorf guy. I knew they were the same person, and I just wrote it off as a change to the series. A more human-looking Ganon was a nice change.

    Seeing that transformation, from the enemy I was now accustomed to, to the enemy I had fought so many times in the past, was my most amazing gaming moment.

  3. For me, it was when I became the Emperor’s Hand in Tie Fighter, and I did it all without the crappy Force to guide me. I had pure skill.

    Oh, and just about every level on Half-Life 2 and the They Hunger mods.

  4. @Will – I’ve noticed most moments are from Zelda. I think that speaks volumes of how freaking awesome those games are.

    @Nat – HL2 makes it in the top of your list? I am definitely looking forward to Orange Box now!


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