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The Orange BoxYeah, I’m about a week behind here, but I know you’ll forgive me. I’ve read so many positive things about Portal (our man Nat here, Michael has a good Orange Box round-up here) that I’ll be starting with that game.

Impressions will follow after I get around to it. I have to consume tonight’s episodes of Prison Break and Heroes. And a little Halo 3 multiplayer, too. I’ll get to it eventually!

Update: I got side-tracked the night before by some Halo 3 multiplayer action, so I didn’t get a chance to through the Orange Box disc in until last night. I originally thought I’d jump right into Portal, but decided to give Half Life 2 a look first. I may lose some gamer cred admitting this, but I never experienced the original Half-Life. So I was pretty confused for the hour or so I played HL2. It’s off to Wikipedia I go for some answers!

After a bit of wandering around in HL2, I jumped right into Portal. Fun fun fun. It’s one of those “holy crap, I’ve been playing for two hours?” game. I can’t wait to get back to it.


  1. Yep, I think Portal might be the reason to purchase the Orange Box.

    ps. seriously? Go play the original Half-Life! silly gamer…

  2. Dark Reyule says

    The ending song to Portal is quite possibly the best thing ever done, I had to d/l it and burn it on CD, I listen to it all day in my car!

    The cake is a lie, the cake is a lie!!!

  3. @JP – I missed the HL boat, I really did. I think I got the gist of the story, though. I don’t think my HL2 experience will be effected by my lack of HL lore knowledge.

    @DR – I’ve heard that song is pretty awesome. I still haven’t finished Portal. Too much Halo 3 🙂

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