There will be achievements, right?

So every gaming site is buzzing with the news that one of the updates to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service will be the ability to download “Classic” Xbox 1 games such as Halo, Fable, and others. I say “Classic” completely irony-free.

I guess I’m not as excited as some people about the prospect of downloading games that are only 5-6 years old, especially if they’re going to cost 15 bucks (1200 Microsoft Points). Even more so if they’re gigantic game turds like Fable. Color me uninterested.

But color me slightly interested if they offer achievements in the classic games. Then, like the Pavlovian gamerscore whore that I am, I’ll salivate and pick up a couple of these titles. If I can score an achievement for punting a chicken 200 feet or farting in the presence of 25 women, then I’ll pick up Fable as soon as it’s available.

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