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This post has been brought to you pain-free, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Percocet.

We had a nice, lazy Thanksgiving holiday with the families. Lots of turkey and stuffing was consumed, lots of football was watched, and many naps were taken. I checked to see if I got lucky with the Amazon uber sale but was not lucky enough to get a cheap PS3. There’s always next year.

I didn’t get a chance to play many video games, as my new splint and wrapping are bulkier than what I had before the surgery. I got some Kongregate games in but that was about it.

I did have a chance to make it to the theater to take in Beowulf. We didn’t get to see the 3-D version (which I’ve heard is really cool) but I was pleasantly surprised with Beowulf. I went in with pretty low expectations but was routinely impressed with the great effects and engaging story. I don’t remember anything from reading the actual poem in highschool (heavily abridged if memory serves me correct) but I understand the basic moral of the story. Either way, I’d recommend Beowulf without reservation. A tad violent for the younger set, but otherwise a fun movie.

I’m now a week behind on my feeds and my emails, so now I’m going to work my way through the virtual pile of stuff. Time to get back to business. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break.


  1. I’ve heard good things about Beowulf as well, but I’m holding out to see the 3-d version!

  2. @Jason – From everything I’ve read, 3D is the way to go. I think I may see it again in its 3D glory.

  3. flamingsquirrel says

    Is the 3D, you know, not craptacular? Because most 3D bareley seems to pop from the screen, and the colors are still messed up.

    Anyway, I’ll probably watch this on my DS sometime…

  4. @FS – No, not craptacular at all. There are scenes we’re you’ll be jumping out of your seat, dodging stuff coming right at you. This movie sets up perfectly for 3D. Even while I was watching the regular version, I was thinking to myself “This would be awesome in 3D.”

    Oh, and how will you be watching this on your DS?

  5. flamingsquirrel says

    homebrew app called moonshell plays .DPG format video, I know a site with tons of DPG video, and it has a cam version of it.

    Or I may wait until it comes to the dollar theater.. I dunno. Movies with lots of fine detials like transformers are impossible to watch on the tiny DS screen, but movies like V for Vendetta or the Resident evil series are fine.

  6. I just want to score some cool red and blue sun glasses.

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