MEGATONik has a humorous look at some of the “casual” games offered on the Social Super-Network, Facebook.

Of the games they reviewed, I’ve only played WarBook. Probably for a sum total of about eight minutes. It’s a horrible and boring clickfest. One game they didn’t list that I have actually (and tragically) played was Pirates, which I was tricked into playing by WarBook. It’s more confusing and less fun than WB! No thanks.

If your looking for casual gaming or time-wasting (that’s redudant, right?), Kongregate is the place to be.


  1. Glad to hear it! I didn’t get into Warbook either but a bunch of my friends are.

    We’re going to be getting our games playable on Facebook pretty soon, so it won’t have to be either/or… right now our Facebook app is pretty limited.

    – Jim Greer
    CEO, Kongregate

  2. @Jim – Thanks for stopping by and dropping us a note! We’re all huge fans of Kongregate around here, so we’re glad to hear there’s more Kongregate in the works.

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