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Mass Effect Box Art


  1. Brock has been raving about this. I think it’s a stocking stuffer for me. I have been told not to get it.

    Of course, a commercial for it came on TV the other day (Planet Earth, for the documentary win) and my wife turned to me and said she wanted to see that movie.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    Personaly, I didn’t like Biowares other RPGs (the KOTOR games at least, I haven’t Jade Empire) I can see the appeal, but the combat is so disengaged, “click, wait for your guy to kill him, click another guy” I’m just not a fan of that. I’d prefer turn based over that.

  3. Fantastic game. Best dialogue of the year and once you get the hang of the combat, it’ll knock your socks off. I can’t think of another RPG that does combat like this one.

  4. Oh, just to elaborate, the combat is very much like a 3rd person shooter as opposed to the usual turn based stylings of KotOR and the Infinity Engine games. You can still pause to use special abilities but the meat of the combat is realtime.

    And the game has Elcor. I love the Elcor.

  5. I am insane with jealousy.

  6. Best game I’ve ever played. Absolutely loved it and I’m going to play it many more times. Just make sure you take your time, do sidemissions, etc.

    And the Elcor are great. I remember this one news announcement about Elcors doing a Hamlet play. Made me laugh.

  7. Thanks for the comments and good reviews. I’ve put in about 2.5 hours and hope to get a couple more hours in tonight and then I’ll get some initial impressions up.

    I’m really really liking it so far!

  8. Dark Reyule says

    The single best gaming experience of my life.

    I cannot wait to ply through it again!

    Others not checking it out based on Bioware’s previous entries are missing the definitive gaming experience.

    Fighting is in real-time, you control it.

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