Nintendo DS 3.0?

Some people seem to think it’s already done. Does it look like this:

DS Redesign?

DS Backwards Compatibility Mode

Of course these are not super seekrit drawings stolen from Nintendo’s HQ. They showed up in some random guy’s Flickr feed. Still, it’s fun to speculate and wonder what the new DS will look like and if Nintendo will be going the PSP/iPod Touch media player route. Not that that would be a bad thing.


  1. That “TS” looks pretty Photoshopped. I’m willing to buy the analysis that they have their next model spec’d out – but with the domination they have in sales right now, I wouldn’t hold me breath.

  2. @Josh – I agree – the DS Lite sells truckloads of units at a staggering rate, but we gadget hungry geeks will buy the new iteration just as eagerly as we bought this one.

  3. I agree with Josh and Tony above; that looks like a mighty clever ‘shop job to splice elements of the DS phat, DS lite and some of the artists’ wishful thinking concepts into a “design” for a new DS prototype. Like Josh said, the “TS” in the label for the image looks really badly doctored and it’s quite obvious it’s nothing close to official.

    However, for a fanciful take on what a new DS could look like, it isn’t half bad.

  4. @Asia – I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more mock-ups as the rumors of a new DS grow as the redesign becomes a reality.

  5. That looks pretty snazzy

  6. I’ll never buy a DS looking like this !
    I sold my PSP because it was too sensitive to damages and had an awful “style” so i won’t sell my DS lite for some stuff looking like it.

    I hope the Nintendo will keep the “close-it” idea for next version.

  7. looks preety nice hope not too much

  8. Its called a DSi!, or 3DS scrubs.

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