The Sarah Connor Chronicles reviewed in eleven words

I missed the premier yesterday of the Sarah Connor chronicles, but I picked it up today, and I a little reading got me up to speed. So here’s my quick review:

As a ginormous Terminator fan, I’m not totally offended. Entertained, even.


  1. Jeremiah Sharpe says

    I was actually totally surprised in the show and will continue to DVR it and watch it weekly….

    On a side not I was totally offended with Prison Breaks LEFT WING LIBERAL CRAPPY way of bringing into the show a very disputed technique that our CIA is using to interogate TERRORISTS…. it is called WATERBOARDING….. but we do not use Saran Wrap we use a towell so they can still breathe lol…… it is unfortunate when one of my fav shows goes liberal on me…..

  2. Here was my “sold” point:

    When Summer hit the first terminator with the truck and then backed up, I knew she would say it.

    “Come with me if you want to live.”

    I know it’s cheesy. I said it out loud before Ms. Glau did and that creeped my wife out. If she would not have said that line I would have turned the channel. I love all the attention to detail they are giving to the Terminator lore and the references to the first two movies. My gripes:

    1. John had better grow a pair and become the leader he is supposed to be. I know most of the actors signed 8 year contracts so maybe it’ll take time. As for right now, I’m starting to feel for Skynet. However, John is a pansy and they KEEP MISSING THE TARGET.

    2. Too much attention to Terminator lore, maybe? My wife was lost on a lot of it and I had to explain some of the whys behind their actions. Of course, this seems to be a show for T1&T2 fans. I’m afraid that if there was no WGA strike, this show would be lost.

    Oh, wait. It’s Fox. Give it time.

  3. It’s not entirely horrible, and the 1999 to 2007 time-travel was unexpected though the rest of the pilot wasn’t… but still, I find myself looking forward to seeing episode 2 tonight when I get home.

    I want to see where they take this. If they resurrect the franchise with a decent TV show, then the 4th film with Bale may end up having a fighting chance at not sucking. Anything’s better than 3.

  4. @Jeremiah – I thought the waterboarding scene was a bit much in Prison Break as well. Disappointing.

    @Nat – I love how they captured the quirks of the terminator. The female terminator has the same little quirks Arnold and the T-1000 have. And of course it had to have someone say “come with me”!

    @Bildo – I’m not sure about the 4th film either, even with Bale in it. I’m waiting on that one. Either way, the show now is decent entertainment. I’ll see where it goes, too.

  5. Jeremiah Sharpe says

    I just watched the second episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles….. I am hooked and do enjoy it thoroughly.

    P.S. It may be the most realistic TV show ever made…… If you were a 35 year old leader of the free world and could send something back in time to your Teenage self what would you send?

    Clearly the answer would be a Hot Teenage girl……

    enough said

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