Dragonlance Movie

A while ago, Brinstar mentioned the forthcoming Dragonlance Movie, something that excited me very much. While it would have been AWESOME to the forty-third power if it was done in the style of Lord of the Rings (with Peter Jackson directing, of course) I could take some solace that at least it was being made. It was going to be animated, but that shouldn’t be a handicap. No way they could screw up one of my fondest stories as a kid growing up, right?




Sturm is ashamed


  1. It is atrocious. I tried watching it the other day and gave up. There’s just no excuse whatsoever for an animated feature to look that bad in this day and age. I’ve seen fan movies made on the net that look better than that dreck.

    They should have either skipped the CGI entirely and channeled their resources into better cel animation or…

    nope, that’s it. That’s what they should have done.

  2. @Brock – I remember seeing the trailer and the CGI looked really well done. That’s unfortunate they weren’t able to do the whole thing that way.

  3. Well. Perhaps I’ll bite the bullet regardless and give it a shot. 😐

  4. @Brinstar – You’re a braver fan than I am!

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