I am Legend’s real ending

When I commented on my viewing of I am Legend, I mentioned that while I enjoyed the movie as a whole, I really didn’t care for the ending.

I Am Legend

Now, it looks like the DVD has the “real” ending that was replaced in the final theatrical cut. Over at firstshowing.net, they have a video of the new ending and it greatly improves the movie. If you saw the movie in the theater, it’s worth your time to watch the original ending. There’s also a little discussion about why this ending is better, discussing the fact that the whole point of why the book is titled “I Am Legend” was lost a little bit in the theatrical version. I really like the new ending. Tharr be spoilers tharr, so be warned, ye who click.

What if a game had an ending noone liked (I’m looking at you, Halo 2)? Would people accept an alternate ending (something available via downloadable content, for example)? Watching a movie with a new ending changes things dramatically. Would it have the same effect on a game?


  1. flamningsquirrel says

    MUCH better ending, however, The 4 legged friend in the picture still died. The movie is irredeemable.

  2. @FS – Yeah, sadly the pooch had to buy the farm. He died in the book too, though.

  3. flamningsquirrel says

    I believe the dog was a trick by the vampires in the book. Did anyone else completely MISS the fact the vampires were supposed to be intelligent? I haven’t personally read the book, but I’ve talked to those that have, and they say the vampires are intelligent in the book. I didn’t get that at all from the movie

  4. Gamers do accept alternate endings. The difference is that in games, it works differently. A game will have alternate endings depending on how you play it.

  5. Yes, ever played any of the Chrono games, or even take Dead Rising for instance.

    Many games have multiple endings already. Shoot, Blade Runner had endings so different it completely changed the game’s story.

  6. @FS – They never made it clear in the book if the dog was from the vampires or not. And as far as if the vampires were smart or not, it seemed like some were more “advanced” than others. So yeah, some were smart and some weren’t.

    @Mike & Nat – I recognize that there are games that have multiple endings. What I meant was what if a game’s ending was bad and the developers came back and changed it, for whatever reason. I wonder if that would fly?

  7. In the book there were dead vampires and living vampires. The dead were basically those that came back after dying and the living were those that were infected but never actually passed on.

    The dead seemed less intelligent and more driven by habit and hunger.

    I don’t think the dog was a trick in the book. I think it was merely an example of the lengths Neville would go for companionship.

  8. @Jason – I think the parts of the book with Neville and the dog were possibly the most poignant parts. Absolutely essential. No tricks there, I agree.

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