Monday Madness?

As I get ready to start my self-imposed internet ban for the week, I figured I’d link up this week’s madness. I’ve got a gamer responsibility post coming later this week (it’s pre-dated) so I should still be around virtually.

I’m amazed at what lengths the idiots in the media will go to for a story. Engadget reports a guy who decides to demo the Air Force’s pain gun. Does the gun work? Do you think he gets paid enough? Wonderful video. Engage!

Bill Harris at Dubious Quality does this great, in depth comparison of game scores to their publishers. A couple of publishers score high with each game released. One is Blizzard. The others are surprising.

Engadget also shows us an Etch A Sketch clock video.

Lastly, our most loyal reader Brock sent me a link to a great image a week or two ago. Think 300 meets Patapon. Pata pata pata pon.


  1. You will never survive the ban. NEVER!

    I showed some of my friends that 300 meets Patapon image and they were disappointed to find out that the game wasn’t a series of spoofs like that. Sigh.

  2. I love the redundancy of calling a gun the “pain gun”. I know how it works, I just laugh at the irony. I prefer the tickle gun.

    And love the Patapon image.

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