Monday, er, Tuesday Madness?

Now, that my self-imposed internet ban is over I figured I should post this week’s Monday Madness…on Tuesday. Oh, in case you’re wondering how I have links that I’ve supposed to have found over the week, well, I have my ways.

Baseball. I love it. The season’s just starting. Want to know the differences between pitches? I found this by Lokesh Dhakar (of Lightbox fame) via here and then monkeyPi. It’s a bunch of illustrated baseball pitches.

Let’s continue our party with Helen Keller. I’m a sucker for inspiring stories. It appears that someone has found a rare image of Helen and her tutor Anne Sullivan that reflects their relationship (via CNN). A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

I think my two boys alone have added at least 1,000 views to this great video of my three favorite muppets singing Danny Boy. It’s bookmarked on the Wii.

There’s a new way (to me) of running an aquarium called aquascaping. I have a 20 gallon in my office now. However, I want to do this or this. Just amazing. An ecosystem of it’s own. [More images].

Lastly, while in my self-imposed internet ban, I had to do something. I bought a new car. Come on, spring!


  1. Great. Now I want to spend tons of money a giant aquarium. Thanks Nat! >:|

    But seriously, many of those were absolutely beautiful.

  2. I love baseball, as well, and was always amazed how the play-by-play guys could identify pitches from the press box. Those are some pretty cool images.

    And yes, those aquariums are amazing!

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