April Releases

I missed the last couple of months of new releases due to illness and laziness (the same thing?) but I’m back at it with another month of video game releases, with a couple of doozies.

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Week of April 1st
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Game of the Year – Maybe it’s time to finally pick this one up.

Week of April 21st
NBA Ballers: Chosen One – The whole “NBA Ballers this year, NBA Street next year” thing never made sense to me. I’ll be skipping NBA Ballers, as I really liked the last version of Street (whatever it was called).

Week of April 28th
Grand Theft Auto IV – I wasn’t a huge fan of GTA:San Andreas, but I’m very interested in the next-gen iteration of Grand Theft Auto. I think I’ll pick this one up for sure.

Wii banner
Week of April 1st

Week of April 7th
MiniCopter: Adventure Flight
Baroque – Baroque? Is this a sequel to Eternal Sonata or something? It’s an Atlus game, which always intrigues me.

Week of April 14th
Dream Pinball 3D
Okami – Another intriguing game. I know Okami for the PS2 was well received, so this will be at least a rental for me.
Emergency Mayhem

Week of April 21st
Mario Kart Wii – Another must-buy in the Buttonmashing household. It’s Nintendo and I am powerless to resist.
Target Terror
Wild Earth: African Safari
Battle of the Bands

Week of April 28th
Castle of Shikigami III
Blast Works: Build, Trade & Destroy

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Week of April 7th
Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled
Corvette Evolution GT

Week of April 14th
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time – Another Pokemon, already?
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness – And seriously! Can we just make one version of a Pokemon game once? Please?
Rondo of Swords
Teenage Zombies
Major League Baseball 2K8 Fantasy All-Stars

Week of April 21st
The World Ends With You
Dream Pinball 3D
River King Mystic Valley
High School Musical 2: Work This Out!
Cory in the House

Week of April 28th
Brain Voyage
Toy Shop
Tamagotchi Cornershop 3

PC banner
Week of April 7th
Assassin’s Creed: Director’s Cut Edition
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation & CSI: Dark Motives
Half-Life 2: Episode Pack
Team Fortress 2
Scrabble Journey

Week of April 21st
Sword of the Stars: Collector’s Edition

PS3 banner
Week of April 14th
Gran Turismo: 5 Prologue Forty bucks sure seems pricey for a demo. I’m just saying.

Week of April 21st
NBA Ballers: Chosen One
Monster Madness
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Game of the Year

Week of April 28th
Grand Theft Auto IV

PSP banner
Week of April 7th
World Championship Cards
SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1

Week of April 28th
Iron Man

So that’s a pretty decent month, all things considered. You’ll want to stock up, too because, we’ll be heading for a pretty bleak summer. Which will be a perfect opportunity for everyone to get out of the house and soak up some rays!

I think I’ll pick up Mario Kart (because I’m a Nintendo whore and I can’t help myself) and Grand Theft Auto IV. Pretty interesting contrast there, wouldn’t you agree? Blue shells or baseball bats, what’s your weapon of choice?

Are you planning on picking anything up this month?


  1. Okami and Mario Kart Wii are already paid for at our household.

    Sadly, they may be our Nintendo Wii highlights for the year. Their future releases look dismal.

  2. I envy you people who are going to be playing Okami for the first time. That was easily in my top three games of the year from, what year was it? 2006? Such an awesome game. I trust that Ready At Dawn will do a great job of the port and I’m curious to see how the Wiimote controls hold up. That said, I’m not buying it as I already finished the PS2 version and it’s a BIG game (40 hours or so). I want to try the Wii version, but I don’t need to buy it.

    I’m not remotely interested in Mario Kart for the Wii. It looks fun, I guess, but if it lacks the co-op driving craziness of Double Dash, I don’t really care. I’ve never been a Mario Kart nut and my son is addicted to Super Smash Bros., so we’re set on that front.

    Baroque looks interesting (and it’s an Atlus game) but the core gameplay is really not up my alley whatsoever. It’s a very, VERY hardcore dungeon crawl and it makes the multiple death/restart system of Breath Of Fire: Dragon Quarter (or Dead Rising, whose save/restart system was based largely on BoF:DQ’s system) look tame by comparison. Having just finished off Lost Odyssey on the 360, I’m taking a bit of a break from JRPGs in general.

    The World Ends With You looks really neat. I still wish it was called “It’s A Wonderful Life” but what can you do? I tried out the Japanese version and it’s pretty cool, though I didn’t have a clue about what was going on.

    Other than that, I’m on the GTAIV bandwagon. I absolutely loved San Andreas and this looks to top it in almost every respect.

  3. Wait a minute… Oh, I thought you had Blast Corps for the Wii up there and almost had an aneurysm of awesomeness. Oh well. It’s that Blast Works game that didn’t look very impressive the last time I saw something about it. Sigh.

    By the way, kudos on calling out the PS3 fanboys with the Prologue dig. I’ve tried arguing with people that they are playing 2/3’s of the price of a retail game for a demo but there is a crazy, twisted logic present in the minds of Gran Turismo fans that won’t let them see this. The only way I’d even concider paying that much for the Prologue would be if I got $40 off my eventual GT5 purchase… which I wouldn’t be doing anyway because Gran Turismo games bore me to tears. Is there even a damage modeling system in GT5? A racing game that doesn’t have damage modeling in this day and age shouldn’t even be concidered seriously, in my opinion.

  4. @Nat – Same here, I think I’ll grab both of those. I’m hoping we get a lot of mileage out of MK, though, because the future looks bleak on the Wii.

    @Brock – I think I remember the 1UP guys saying Baroque was super hard. I forgot about that. I always get interested if it’s something by Atlus, but I always end up disappointed (see: Contact). I’ve heard that damage modeling will finally be in GT5. Bout time. I’ve heard, though, that it hasn’t been in previous games because car companies wouldn’t let the developer have licenses to their cars if they were getting smashed up. Sounds pretty lame to me.

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