Not at home

I’m standing firm with the Grumpy Gamer, as will be April 1st joke-free. I’m taking a break from the internet today.


  1. So no posts about Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo then?

  2. I just silently choose not to participate. I hate this “holiday” with a passion.

  3. flamingsquirrel says

    I too, am not a fan of this day.

    Though, have you seen the fake Zelda movie trailer from IGN? Very cool.

  4. I think the best thinn I saw was all the videos on Youtube’s homepage linked to their own rick roll. They had almost 4 million views when I saw it.

  5. The Zelda movie looked great. Too bad it’s not real 🙁

    Between trying to finish Lost Odyssey and getting the kids where they needed to go and work, I almost forgot that yesterday was April Fool’s… and I’m usually one to at least try some little thing or be amused by the little jokes. The problem is that I outdid myself on a level that I doubt I’ll ever be able to match, let alone top, several years ago and since then every April Fool’s day has been rather anticlimatic.

    Oh well. I don’t mind April Fool’s but I’m in my 30’s now and will leave the japes to the kids unless I get some kind of inspiration.

  6. I didn’t make in completely April Fools Joke free, but I did like the YT prank Nat mentioned, and the Zelda trailer was pretty cool.

    The best by far (speaking of Rick Rolls) was Google Blogoscoped. It’s no longer up, but it was very clever.

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