Sickos are everywhere

And some of them have (and play) video games!

In an unrelenting attempt to make the tenuous violence-and-video games connection, we get a story like this. The media will not let up. Look for a ban on video game controllers soon, backed by Senator Clinton.

This deplorable behavior by the boyfriend should be vilified and condemned. He will receive the swift justice he deserves. But did we really need a headline like “Baby killed with video game controller”?



  1. Welcome to the wonderful world that gun enthusiasts and the NRA have been enjoying for decades.

  2. A little girl died.

    Wasn’t there someone who loved and cared for her? Just from reading the article, it appears she was beaten many times before.

    This news reporting is not as sensationalist as many that have come before it. I think it would have made national, web-news if she would have died as a result of being beaten with something else. No doubt that she probably was.

    I’ve written about my own personal experiences with video game violence here before. I can see where it would be easy to make the jump into the real world. However, I know my limits and I steer clear away from them. There is a connection, but it’s just not with video games. Many people get too sucked in.

    The rest of the world can play Grand Theft Auto for all I care. I don’t need to get a rise out of usurping my morals as far as that, even in immersible fantasy.

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