In [Nat’s] Hands: FFVII:Crisis Core and Okami

I am torn. As hard as I try, I cannot play two games at once.

I’ve only played one Final Fantasy game all the way through. In fact, I played it to almost 100% completion. That’s not entirely true. In college, my PSOne was powered on for a single semester. It played one game the entire time: Final Fantasy VII. There were six of us who would play off the same saved game file. We did everything. Everything. It’s probably one of the fondest gaming memories I’ll ever have. Sometimes, we’ll still chat about it through email.

I’m not a big Final Fantasy fan. I’ve played the aforementioned title and I’ve played FFIX. See, it’s never really a final fantasy. They just keep making more. Actually, I’m more of a chrono-guy.

That’s my setup. Here’s my reveal.

On a whim (I allow myself two “whims” a year) I picked up FFVII: Crisis Core for the PSP. Simply put, this title is currently my PSP Game of the Year. I cannot get enough of it. It’s one of those titles that just hooks you and you never really know why. Maybe it’s the excellent story and presentation, maybe it’s the best cinematic cutscenes of any game I’ve seen, or maybe it’s all the great references to the original game? (Better yet, this game is a prequel and it still has future references).

FFVII:Crisis Core

This game has enveloped me so deep that I want Zack to be Cloud in the FFVII game. The character progression and growth is written in such a way that you don’t even realize it’s happening until you go remember back to where you started.

Now there is a fault. I hate, HATE, HATE the DMW. It’s basically a slot machine that you have no control over that interrupts combat sequences. It’ll occasionally level your character up and toss some bonuses your way. It’ll constantly break the flow of excitement during battle. Necessary? No.

If I was to rate this game, I’d give it a 10. The DMW (I keep wanting to say DMV) makes it an 8. Harsh? Yes. However, Square Enix have been making excellent games for almost 20 years. They should know better.


A week ago I picked up Okami for the Wii. Roger Ebert knows nothing when it comes to gamesómaybe even art. This game is art in motion, a moving picture worth ten thousand words, a watercolor that doesn’t fade, a…well, you get the idea. Be ready to read as well. A lot. However, it’s all excellent.

I’m only one hour in to the game and it’s been the most unique hour of gaming I’ve ever experienced. How do I describe it? You’re a goddess who has been reincarnated as a white wolf. You mist rid the land of darkness and bring it back to life. Your weapon: a brush.

Yep. You solve problems, rejuvenate nature, experience combat, and paint the town red with your trusty brush. It’s wonderful. This game was made for the Wiimote. The execs at Capcom must be prophets considering the game was made in 2006.

I’m told this game could net a person 40 hours of playtime. Excellent. This may be a game where I do it all. I really don’t have the patience for RPGs, but this may be my exception.

I just find it interesting that the only two games I’m playing right now are RPGs.

Oh, and Ikaruga.


  1. I’m addicted to the missions in Crisis Core. I fire it up intending to progress the story a bit and the next thing I know, 3 hours are gone and I’m still at the same save point I started at only now I have even MORE missions to work on.


    I don’t mind the DMW that much. I’m only ticked at it right now because I lined up the Odin summon ONCE and then Zack killed the thing it would have unleashed upon before the summon animation triggered. Grr…

    And I TOLD you that Okami was brilliant. I will try it on the Wii at some point but it is still one of my fondest PS2 gaming experiences.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    FF7CC is awesome. no denying it.

    Haven’t played Okami yet, because this guy is borrowing my Wii. But trust me, the ISO is sitting safely on my HDD, and I already have a Verbatim DVD-R set aside and labeled “Okami” and when I get my Wii back, you can bet that DVD will be in my PC, then my Wii. oh wait. did I just say that..


  3. I can overlook piracy for most games as many of them, frankly, deserve to be pirated as they’re not worth the media they’re printed on.

    Okami, on the other hand, is one where I want to chop off people’s hands if they pirate it!

  4. flamingsquirrel says

    hey hey hey! I’ve never played Okami before! Gimmie a break! If it’s really good, I might buy it! ok, so that’s a complete lie. Even it’s really good, I wont buy it. Because even if it’s really good, I probably still wont play it much.

  5. All I’m going to say about piracy is this: Please, not here.

    Buy the game. Trust me. A game like this does not deserve to be pirated. It deserves to be supported.

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