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I just picked up my girlfriend for a date. In a city bus I hijacked on my way to her house. She did not seem bothered by this.

I believe she is what they call “a keeper.”

She was, however, bothered when my Uzi went off accidentally inside the Cluckin’ Bell during our previous date. I’m getting mixed signals.


  1. Heh. I hear ya. Mine seemed to have issues with me running over a few pedestrians on the way to our date. You’d think that they’d know better than to be on the sidewalk…

  2. I like the fact that you can take a molotov cocktail out of your pocket, light it, put it back in your pocket and she doesn’t seem to notice.

  3. I thought you weren’t going to play GTAIV??? Or was that one of the others that wrote that?

    All in all, while the game is not perfect, it is the most impressive gameworld to date! The interactivity with the denizens of Liberty City is fun as hell, and the sheer scope of the city is mind boggling. The control scheme has been improved immensely from the previous iterations of GTA but is still far from great. All in all, I think the game is a 9/10, but playeable for many months to come.

    The girlfriends don’t take kindly to being left at the curb… yet even after you accidentally back into them with your SUV they will still get in for the ride home. LOL

  4. @Brock – That’s what I keep telling people, even way back to my Crackdown days — when I aint yer Pa is behind the wheel, the safest place to walk is actually in the street.

    @Zack – I have not tried the molotov trick, but she did not like the Uzi being pulled out. I was just trying to show off, be a tough guy and rough up someone in the restaurant, but that obviously didn’t go well.

    @Roundeye – Yeah, Nat my fellow blogger decided not to play GTA. I don’t have quite the restraint. I’m loving it.

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